The Neon Melting Heart

The neon melting heart

One night me and my friend decided to head downtown to try nighttime photography. The previous day I watched a Peter McKinnon video on night time photography and I wanted to try it. We walked around, took some long exposure shots of cars passing by. We kept walking down to the Old Port, we found a bunch of restaurants with neon signs. I found this one sign and I had to get a picture of it because it was just too nice. The next day I brought it into light room and did some adjustments. Firstly I did the lens correction, I then saturated the blue and I saturated the red but added some pink hue to it. I then added a vignette to make it “more dramatic”, then added clarity and texture. Lastly I sharpened and did noise reduction adjustments.

To this day it is one of my favourite picture I’ve taken. It works perfectly for a background lock screen for a phone.

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