Comprehensive Assessment

In the Graphic & Web Design program, students are required to pass a “Comprehensive Assessment” in order to qualify for graduation after completing their three years of classes.

The CA, for short, is a portfolio that demonstrates a variety of graphic and web design technical skills that span almost every class in the GWD curriculum.

For example, students must demonstrate the aptitude to build several types of print advertising documents, design a logo, build a web site using WordPress, etc.

The CA is a pass/fail assessment. It certifies that a student is able to build a certain type of document according to the skills taught in the class that delivered that core competency.

Since the majority of the CA competencies are taught in first and second year, the level of artistic performance may vary across the portfolio. However, passing the Comprehensive Assessment implies that the student has the technical ability to perform adequately as a junior designer in a professional workplace setting after graduation.

In the following gallery you will find examples of some of the best CA elements submitted by graduating students in the last few years.

Advertising Material
Advertising Material 2
Advertising Material 3
Before & After Retouching
Book Chapter
Brochure with Complex Alignments
Complete Stationary Set
Creative Personal Web Site
Creative Photography
Dust Jacket
Logo Collage
Magazine Cover
Magazine Spread
Web Site Design Mockup
Print Newsletter
Packaging Design
Photo Retouching
Full Page Poster
Responsive Commercial Web Site
Responsive Commercial Web Site 2
Short Video
Web Form
WordPress CSS design by GWD 2020 grad Timothy Claude
WordPress CSS design

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