Lookbook with Original Photography & Illustration

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Arizona Colors photo book by GWD 2020 grad Anastasia Dalalakis
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In the second year Photography class, GWD students learn the basics of using a digital camera, as well as the use of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom in order to create a body of original photography work.

Adobe Lightroom is the premier image catalog organizer and image post-processing software in the market today. In addition to it’s standard photo organization and editing tools, Lightroom also has a book module that lets the user create and edit a book project from start to finish, without having to use any other software.

Graphic and Web Design students create a body of work as they learn to use the camera and explore different compositional techniques. Students learn different compositions such as one point and two point perspective, as well as traditional photo techniques like using depth of field and lens selection creatively.

Students then go on to cull their collection, select the best images, and lay them out in a book with their own custom format and design. The books are sent directly to the Blurb printing facility from within Lightroom. Students receive their hard copy book before the end of the semester and submit it as their final project in the course.

Photography book by 2019 GWD grad Audrey Fauteux

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