Sarah-Maude Chapdelaine: Next couple of Years

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Admiring fashion, the new trends every year since I was a little, that’s why it was easy for me to choose my niche of interest. Fashion has a big impact on my life since forever now. How I dress in the morning is how I set my mood for the day. I always tell myself I have to dress to impress not just for people around me but myself included. My niche of knowledge would be in the direction of the graphic design for the fashion industry based in Montreal. The fashion industry has been a subject that I’ve appreciated for many years now. I would devote my two strength together to have the best work experiences. 

Michael Ruscitti: A Look Into The Magic

My name is Michael Ruscitti, and I first found my passion in Graphic Design when I was only a child, being amazed by even the most simple designs, layouts and advertisements. Since then, my passion for designing has been rising.

In this vernissage video, you will find a variety of things! I can assure you, there is something for everyone on my portfolio website. As an added bonus, you can even visit my website to take a closer look at some of my words!

View My Portfolio Here

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Joshua Boucher – Graphic Designer

Joshua Boucher self Portrait Created by Joshua Boucher 2020©.

Throughout my three years at John Abbott College, I have acquired many necessary tools for any graphic designer. This consists of everything from practical use of many of the Adobe programs and other design software; to the technical use of the work itself. As a Graphic Designer, I see myself excelling in the Illustration field.

Illustration allows the designer or creator to shape the company and the values and emotions that go with them. This allows for the designer to narrate how the audience or customer base will feel or react to it, and in turn how they respond. Numerous external things may also play into the customer’s view of the company. Most importantly, I know that each time I make an illustration that I am not only representing the client or company, but I am also retrofitting the company to communicate better with their audience.


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Adam Diamzon

For all you Rebranding Needs

As a graphic and web designer, I take pride in my process. When beginning a project I like to take in as much external stimulus as possible. My philosophy when approaching anything is that one: there’s always someone better than you, and two: always try and learn from the best. So I always try and make a mood board as a first step. While my favourite kind of project to work on graphically is logo design, my strength lies in my technical skills across most Adobe applications.

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Maile Beland – Logo Specialist

Logo Specialist at your Service

Hello there, my name is Maile and I am a Graphic and web designer who specializes in logo design. Combining text and imagery to create cohesive and interesting logos is what I love to do.  I would say logo design is one of my strengths. I also enjoy magazine layout designs and VFX work (video effects).

Check out my portfolio!

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Asma Abusheikha: Graphic and Web Designer

Who I Am ?

I am Asma Abusheikha, I am a Graphic Designer based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Throughout my life, I have always been fascinated by art, design, shapes, colors, interior and graphic designs. Even the way I dress, I always enjoy trying different colors, designs and matching different outfit. At times, I make bold decisions and at times I get lots of attention, remarks and at times, reaction is indifferent. The idea to always produce something different, something interesting, something with a bang. I simply have a passion for trying new ideas. I also love branding, typography, mixed media and photography.

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Jonathan Pabucyan

Graphic Designer

I am an Armenian and Filipino graphic and web designer born and raised in Montreal, Canada. I am in the GWD program at John Abbott College.

Throughout the program, I have been working with various Adobe programs. I have a vast knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver.
Currently, I have been working on personal projects, and designs for clients throughout most of the pandemic. I wanted to use my time to enhance, and test my skills and abilities. I have made various logos and other branding designs for clients that I have received from social media, and have been promoting my Instagram account sharing numerous personal designs.

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Godwin Appiah

Graphic & Web Designer 

Montreal, QC

Ever since I could remember I’ve always been the creative type. Always drawing on anything I could get a hold of, which was something that kept me busy to the point where I was creating little comics in the back of the class with my friends.

Now, I specialize in Photoshop, Illustration, and InDesign. I have knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which has led me to explore my profession and working with clients.  Creating my own work and developing my skills as a Graphic & Web Designer is always a part of my passion. 

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Victor Létourneau’s Early Beginning in Graphic Design

Link to my Portfolio

The following is an overview in chronological order of Victor Létourneau’s early beginning in Graphic Design and how he came to study Graphic and Web Design at John Abbott College.

Early Beginning with Computers

During my childhood, I would play a lot of Flash games and try softwares that were on my parent’s computer. The notable ones were Windows Movie Maker, 3D house studio, PowerPoint, and Picture Project.

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Joey Theoret – Graphic Designer

About Me

Hey there, I’m Joey a graphic designer from Montreal. After three years studying Graphic & Web design at John Abbott College, I am offering my skills and service to the world. This course taught me all there is to know about design, from the flow of a concept to the impact behind different elements or colours.    

As a designer, I want to work in the extreme sports industry but more specifically in the snowboard and skateboard design industry. I am also very interested in working with a physical activity-based community. My past life experiences are perfect for this as I grew up playing a lot of action and team sports, meaning that I know these communities very well and I would be the perfect pick for dynamic and powerful designs.   

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