Asma Abusheikha: Graphic and Web Designer

Who I Am ?

I am Asma Abusheikha, I am a Graphic Designer based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Throughout my life, I have always been fascinated by art, design, shapes, colors, interior and graphic designs. Even the way I dress, I always enjoy trying different colors, designs and matching different outfit. At times, I make bold decisions and at times I get lots of attention, remarks and at times, reaction is indifferent. The idea to always produce something different, something interesting, something with a bang. I simply have a passion for trying new ideas. I also love branding, typography, mixed media and photography.


 The stage is my first professional opportunity, I hope to gain lots of knowledge and experience in the graphics and web design field. I hope to share my knowledge and experience from my intensive training over the past 3 years.

A dream stage would be a one that challenges me. It may be stressful at first, once the project is completed there’s a feeling of achievement when your client is happy with the end results.

Being an introvert, I like to work on my own and so an ideal stage would be in an environment where I’m giving an objective and expectations with a certain deadline. I believe only smaller companies would offer such opportunities as bigger organizations would impose group.

My Goals

Long term goals are to get as much knowledge and expertise to become self sufficient, I am able to design/perform work without any time loss “googling” things. I am hoping that long term, I have the opportunity to work on bigger projects and let me make my own decisions when it comes to design perspective.

Asma Abusheikha

Author: Asma Abusheikha

My name is Asma Abusheikha, I am currently a Graphic and Web Design student at John Abbott College.

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