Maile Beland – Logo Specialist

Logo Specialist at your Service

Hello there, my name is Maile and I am a Graphic and web designer who specializes in logo design. Combining text and imagery to create cohesive and interesting logos is what I love to do.  I would say logo design is one of my strengths. I also enjoy magazine layout designs and VFX work (video effects).

Check out my portfolio!

My Future

After graduating from the Graphic and Web Design program at John Abbott College, I want to go straight into the workforce. I hope to work for a graphic design company either as a contractor or a full-time employee.  I prefer working remotely, but don’t mind coming in occasionally, for meetings.  

5 years from now, I see myself as a graphic designer working for a small company that shares the same values as I do. I hope to create meaningful relationships with the co-workers around me and gain experience in the workforce! Check out my LinkedIn!

My Creative Process

When creating designs, I first sketch out my thoughts and ideas on paper to have a visual understanding of my thought process. I then digitize my ideas and get feedback from my superiors, friends, and family. Upon receiving feedback, I work on version 1 of the design. After version 1, I go through a pattern of feedback and revision to end up with the result. Being around other designers inspires me to be better. 

My design services include brand Identity, logos, advertising material, stationery sets, websites/ management, product design, and VFX work. 

Personality Traits

 I would say I am a very social person, so I love working in groups as well as being independent and working on solo projects. One of many qualities that I am most proud of is being persistent. When I run into a problem I keep at it until I eventually figure it out. 

I have always been a creative person. During my high school and college years, I had the mindset of going above and beyond my teacher’s expectations when it came to creative projects. I want to continue having that mindset, but now in the workforce! 

My Biggest Hobby

I am a shuffle dancer! Shuffle dance is a dance style that mainly focuses on fast pace footwork. The genres of music that is associated with shuffling is House, Techno, and Trance music. I love combining my shuffle and VFX skills to create cool videos for social media, mainly Instagram and Tik Tok!

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