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As a graphic and web designer, I take pride in my process. When beginning a project I like to take in as much external stimulus as possible. My philosophy when approaching anything is that one: there’s always someone better than you, and two: always try and learn from the best. So I always try and make a mood board as a first step. While my favourite kind of project to work on graphically is logo design, my strength lies in my technical skills across most Adobe applications.

As a designer my dream has always been to incorporate one of my many hobbies with my education. I am extremely interested in making specialty coffee, beatboxing and video games. So if I were to choose a dream job it would have to be working for any of the top oraganizations within my respective hobbies. Within specialty coffee, beatboxing and video games companioes that I would love to work for would be: Fellow, Swissbeatbox and Mojang respectively.

In future, I do not have a specific trajectory. I like to keep my options open. One thing I do know for sure is that I will be building upon myself as a graphic and web designer while seeking out as many opportunities. Hopefully I will be able to land a spot in a nice company as part of a graphic design team as I feel that a team environment allows me to strive and succeed to my fullest potential.

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