Michael Ruscitti: A Look Into The Magic

My name is Michael Ruscitti, and I first found my passion in Graphic Design when I was only a child, being amazed by even the most simple designs, layouts and advertisements. Since then, my passion for designing has been rising.

In this vernissage video, you will find a variety of things! I can assure you, there is something for everyone on my portfolio website. As an added bonus, you can even visit my website to take a closer look at some of my words!

View My Portfolio Here

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Michael Ruscitti: The Illustrator

Michael Ruscitti Illustrator Profile Picture
Illustrative interpretation of Michael Ruscitti

Greetings! My name is Michael Ruscitti, but I usually go by the nickname Mike! I am a Montreal based graphic designer. I adore pop culture in all its forms, and enjoy drawing during my spare time!

To say that I’m pushing the limits with my artistic abilities is an understatement! I strive for all sorts of ideas, reaching for the stars!

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