Michael Ruscitti: The Illustrator

Michael Ruscitti Illustrator Profile Picture
Illustrative interpretation of Michael Ruscitti

Greetings! My name is Michael Ruscitti, but I usually go by the nickname Mike! I am a Montreal based graphic designer. I adore pop culture in all its forms, and enjoy drawing during my spare time!

To say that I’m pushing the limits with my artistic abilities is an understatement! I strive for all sorts of ideas, reaching for the stars!

The Skills of a Creative Soul

What is my specialty, you may be asking? While I certainly am an all-around sort of person, I fancy myself more of an animator, illustrator, photographer, and video editor.

Most of my spare time is spent writing or sketching new ideas, whether it would be for a school project or an individual project, eventually leading many of these ideas to become a reality.

Now, when I refer to illustrations and animation, there are obviously different kinds of styles and interpretations. I’ve always considered myself a cartoonist at heart, most of my illustrative and social media works reflect this notion.

I rarely (if ever) scrap or waste any projects or ideas. I believe anything has a shot for a project or submission, whether it would be today or tomorrow.

Anywhere can be an Office Space!

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it has taught me to work from home effectively. This means that whether I would be at home or in an office space, I can work effectively.

When it comes to an industry I would fit in perfectly, the animation and illustration industry feels right at home. However, if I find myself in an industry revolving around photography, Photoshop or video editing, I would be happy.

Walking Into The Sunset

Currently, my future currently has a slightly different turn for when it comes to graphic design. As a long time gamer and lover of pop culture, I have plans of starting my own gaming and animation studio. I will always keep the things that I’ve learnt over the years at John Abbott close by!

Should you ever decide to get me on board with any task that fits my skills, rest assured, quality work will awaits!

Why not visit my website and social media accounts while you’re here?: https://graphicandwebdesign.ca/current-grads/michael-ruscitti/

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