Michael Ruscitti: A Look Into The Magic

My name is Michael Ruscitti, and I first found my passion in Graphic Design when I was only a child, being amazed by even the most simple designs, layouts and advertisements. Since then, my passion for designing has been rising.

In this vernissage video, you will find a variety of things! I can assure you, there is something for everyone on my portfolio website. As an added bonus, you can even visit my website to take a closer look at some of my words!

View My Portfolio Here

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Jonathan Pabucyan

Graphic Designer

I am an Armenian and Filipino graphic and web designer born and raised in Montreal, Canada. I am in the GWD program at John Abbott College.

Throughout the program, I have been working with various Adobe programs. I have a vast knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver.
Currently, I have been working on personal projects, and designs for clients throughout most of the pandemic. I wanted to use my time to enhance, and test my skills and abilities. I have made various logos and other branding designs for clients that I have received from social media, and have been promoting my Instagram account sharing numerous personal designs.

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Godwin Appiah

Graphic & Web Designer 

Montreal, QC

Ever since I could remember I’ve always been the creative type. Always drawing on anything I could get a hold of, which was something that kept me busy to the point where I was creating little comics in the back of the class with my friends.

Now, I specialize in Photoshop, Illustration, and InDesign. I have knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which has led me to explore my profession and working with clients.  Creating my own work and developing my skills as a Graphic & Web Designer is always a part of my passion. 

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How Did We Get Here? – nico

Picture of Nico for his blog post "How Did We Get Here?"
Picture of Nico for his blog post “How Did We Get Here?”

How did we get here?

There comes a time in a lot of graphic designer’s lives where they find themselves drowning in endless possibilities of
potential fields.

You may ask yourself “what is it that I’m good at?” For some, it can come very quick, while some have to really think this one out thoroughly. I, for one, am lucky to be able to say that this process came very naturally to me. Finding your niche is truly a process of self-discovery.

“What do I like? What am I best at designing? What can I have a liveable wage off of?”

At first, I had to dig deep into my likings and hobbies; Once I
started to explore this, it became very obvious all at once.
I have a passion for two very specific industries, two that have
captivated me for years.

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Michael Ruscitti: The Illustrator

Michael Ruscitti Illustrator Profile Picture
Illustrative interpretation of Michael Ruscitti

Greetings! My name is Michael Ruscitti, but I usually go by the nickname Mike! I am a Montreal based graphic designer. I adore pop culture in all its forms, and enjoy drawing during my spare time!

To say that I’m pushing the limits with my artistic abilities is an understatement! I strive for all sorts of ideas, reaching for the stars!

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Movie Posters Expert Explains Color Schemes

James Verdesoto, the movie posters artist behind iconic posters such as Pulp Fiction, Ocean’s Eleven; Girl, Interrupted, and Training Day, explains how color schemes are used in Hollywood movie posters.

This is a great glimpse into the mindset of a graphic designer as he not only discusses the use color, but also other narrative and formal techniques such as the use of negative space in the composition, relative scales of the subject within the page, framing, and the use of logos.

A great crash course in graphic design in only ten minutes!