How Did We Get Here? – nico

Picture of Nico for his blog post "How Did We Get Here?"
Picture of Nico for his blog post “How Did We Get Here?”

How did we get here?

There comes a time in a lot of graphic designer’s lives where they find themselves drowning in endless possibilities of
potential fields.

You may ask yourself “what is it that I’m good at?” For some, it can come very quick, while some have to really think this one out thoroughly. I, for one, am lucky to be able to say that this process came very naturally to me. Finding your niche is truly a process of self-discovery.

“What do I like? What am I best at designing? What can I have a liveable wage off of?”

At first, I had to dig deep into my likings and hobbies; Once I
started to explore this, it became very obvious all at once.
I have a passion for two very specific industries, two that have
captivated me for years.

Music & Fashion.

Furthermore, I have spent countless hours finding new music to get into, my free time mainly consists of playing music on Logic Pro X and simply listening to my favourite artists. I have also started my very own Etsy shop, called “The Nico Sanctuary”. I make different graphics that I print myself on crewnecks! The name is simply described as the fact that my art is my sanctuary, it is where I find my inner peace.

So I got to thinking, how can I find a middle ground between two industries that cater to completely different senses:

Sound and Vision?

That’s when it hit me. That 100$ hoodie I bought at Lady Gaga’s concert was not designed by the popstar herself, but by a graphic designer! The album covers that I hang in my room as decoration, were all made by… guess what?

A Graphic Designer!

From this point forward, it was all very much clear to me that I want to enter the music industry. I want to design album covers, single artwork, album booklets, and even artist’s merch!

Going into this field, I believe it is best to go with my name as a company name. However, Nicolas Bou Faissal is quite a long and hard name to design. Hence, the pen name “nico”. It is a very difficult field to get into, and I am aware how long it can take to find recognition in the music industry. However, I am positive that with my hard work and dedication, I will make it one day. I am ready to put in all the work necessary to prove myself to these hard clients. I hope to one day be able to point at an album cover and say “I made that!”.

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