Britney Immler: Graphic & Web Designer

Picture of Graphic & Web designer Britney Immler

About Me

Hi there, I’m Britney, a third-year Graphic & Web design student at John Abbott College! I’ve always been inspired by design, whether it’s fashion, interior or architectural, but since a couple of years I’ve developed a profound interest in graphic & web design. I’m constantly looking through the web for new design updates or I’m reading about the history of the biggest designers that have walked this earth and I inspire myself from them to design my own work. Design has always been my way of communicating ideas that inspire me. Through Graphic & Web design, I get to do so while also captivating consumers. I am a creative thinker and I enjoy when there are purpose and logic behind my designs. I specify in branding, social media, and print design.

Design Process

My design is recognized for its minimalist and aesthetic approach. I strive for my designs to be perfect, which makes them all thoroughly thought out and refined to their best selves. I love working on big projects that start with nothing and slowly unfold to impressive results at the end. In University, I want to study Marketing to incorporate with my graphic design knowledge to be able to communicate and promote a brand’s identity, product, or service engagingly and appealingly to help grow businesses. I believe the visual identity of a company is a huge factor in how successful a company will be. First impressions are very important and graphic and web design allows to beautify businesses and hook customers from the start.

Future Goals

In the future, I see myself concentrating and putting more time into my freelance company that offers services such as branding, graphic work (business cards, banners, posters, brochures, logos…), website templates, and social media design and marketing. Once I’m done with my studies, I would also like to work for a dynamic design/marketing company that works one on one with clients to help guide and understand exactly what they want. Afterward, once I will have acquired all the knowledge I feel necessary to do so, I would like to start my own company.

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