James Xiao, UI & UX Designer with an interest in video games

Hello, my name is James Xiao, and I am a third-year Graphic & Web Design Student.

Over my 3 years in GWD, I learned and acquired many skills, but have especially found that I produce my best work in Front End Web Design.

I specialize in the UI/UX Design field. My knowledge in User Interface and User Experience Designs involves the understanding of human psychology, human behaviour and their interaction with a website, marketing and copywriting as well as the functionality of a website.

My Process

My design process begins with research, I fundamentally believe that it is impossible to properly understand and help your clients, nor can you accurately produce any work without doing the research beforehand. After the research, I move to the sketching phase, and eventually, one option is picked out and that becomes the final piece.

The Future

I have a well-rounded understanding of the entire Adobe Suite. I plan on continuing to enhance my skills and further knowledge in front-end design.

My professional LinkedIn account is currently under construction with planned updates on the way. You may check it out here for now.

As for now, you may take a look at my portfolio here. For business inquiries, do not hesitate to contact me with jamesfrommtl@gmail.com. Looking forward to talk!

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