Nafia Tariq – Graphic & Web Designer

About Me

My name is Nafia Tariq and I am Graphic and Web Designer. My specialty is to create work that is clean yet looks complex and meaningful. I am a fast learner and I tend to work efficiently which saves everyone a lot of time. My head is filled with ideas that I sketch at first and then deliver it digitally. I enjoy making sketches on paper but also on tablets, which makes it easier to share by email. I work and collaborate amazingly with other individuals and enjoy meeting new people whenever I get the chance. I love getting feedback that can help me deliver the work the client exactly wants.

I would prefer to work in a company that is associated with fashion or interior design. Those are some of my interests outside of graphic and web design that I enjoy the most. I want to be with people that are passionate around me and are easy to talk to. I love a friendly environment which makes it me, as a designer, easier to communicate my ideas and create my work.

I offer all kinds of services starting from branding to digital art. I make logos, business cards, packaging, social media content, invitation cards, personalized digital portraits, event decoration, newsletters and so much more!

In the future I see myself having my own business after gaining a lot of experience from other places. I want to work in different fields so I can learn the most that I can. I already started a little business in event styling that made me gain more experience to be independent. I have also done an internship for two summers at the same company, working not only in the marketing department but also as a customer service representative. I am looking forward to learning about new things and increasing my knowledge as much as I can.

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