Samuel Dansereau

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Samuel Dansereau

Where did it all start?

How did I get into the world of Graphic and Web design? It goes back to my last year of high school. I had to choose a program for college, but I did not know which program I should apply to. What career did I want to practice for my whole life? I finally found Graphic and Web design at John Abbott College. I dove right into this program, and I loved it. I like that it is a career in which I can explore my creativity. I love that I can help others realize their dreams by designing for them. I enjoy that I am working with technologies that improve every year.

My designs and interests

I specialize in everything that is graphic. I specialize in logos, posters, menus and book covers. It does not mean that I cannot design websites, animations or videos. I find myself very versatile, and what I mean by versatile is that I can design whatever I am asked to design. When my interests collide with work, it is at those times that I am at my best. I absolutely love food, therefore designing menus is really something that I look forward to, whatever the restaurant’s style might be. I also love sports. I follow the Montreal Canadiens daily. Designing posters about hockey events or anything that is related to hockey would be awesome. I would also love to design a team logo. I would put all my effort into it.

My ambitions

My ambitions as a designer are not only to offer my services as a designer and receive rewards afterwards. I want to help people build their dreams, their companies and all the stuff they envisioned. I also want to keep learning. There are so many software that gets updated daily or even new tools that get released daily. I want to expand my knowledge, and this career makes it possible.

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