Alexandra Maher

Hello there! 

My name is Alexandra but you can call me Allie.

I am a driven artist who loves learning new things and using my imagination. I especially enjoy working with Adobe Illustrator as vector graphics are my specialty.

How I get started

One of the most important steps that I love to start my projects off with is doing research. As a person who loves to learn, I think it is essential to do research on a brand before I take any other steps. Although not all of my projects are based on real companies, I have learned that every brand has its own values and history that need to be shown one way or another through its designs. For example, I had to create a presentation and campaign for the brand “Shea Moisture”. When doing my research on this brand I learned the story of the founder, Sofie Tucker, and her hard work to provide for her children by selling Shea Butter along the countryside of Sierra Leone. Understanding this brand’s rich background helped me to start sketching out ideas. Similarly, when doing a design for any type of brand I always want the companies core values to be included. Once I have the core value in my mind then I can create!

My creations

Although I am an artist who loves working in different art mediums, whether that be digital or physical, I particularly enjoy working with vector graphics. As you get to know me and my designs you will probably notice that I often create minimalist-looking art. When using vector graphics I feel like I have more control in creating these types of designs as I can edit little details. For example, when creating a logo for a project (“Slice’s” logo), I was able to take an initial text and manipulate it into a custom font of my own to create the final design. Because I am a believer that little details make the big picture, being able to work with these small details is a big part of my work process whether that means using vector graphics or not.

What do I enjoy creating the most? Creating art that is fun yet still aesthetically pleasing has always been my favorite type of art. I am a positive person that loves to laugh really enjoys connecting with others so being able to reflect that in my art makes me happy. Whether that is designing a character/story, logo, advertisement, website, or something else, there are so many possibilities in what I can do.


At my stage, I hope to be in a stimulating environment where I can put my creative juices to the test. I await the opportunity to expand my knowledge in either, illustrations, photo editing, front-end web design, typography, or video editing.  

Overall I am a hardworking person who loves bringing new ideas to the table and really create something special. I am really looking forward to learning from my stage experience and working alongside others along the way.

Come check me out!

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