Valeria Krumdieck: Designer & Illustrator

Self portrait vector illustration of Valeria Krumdieck made by valeria krumdieck, designer and illustrator
Self portrait illustration of Valeria Krumdieck

About Valeria Krumdieck

Hi! I’m Valeria, a graphic and web designer with a passion for graphics and illustration. I have over five years of experience working with Adobe applications and a lifetime of experience with creativity. 

 My main strengths are illustration and writing. I believe communication is key when it comes to visual design, and I know how to convey a clear message. 

I specialize in illustration-oriented work, but I can also make logos, brand identities, websites, publications, character design, packaging, animations, photography, storyboards, video editing, and much more

Get to Know my Design Process

My design process consists of these reasonably simple steps: Inspiration, Foundation, Ideation, Variation, and Action. (Sometimes, I employ some Frustration, but that step is not necessary.)

What I mean by this; I start by browsing existing works that can both inspire me and serve me as a reference. Once I have accumulated a vast visual library, I pinpoint aspects in common that seem to work for each design. That’s part of step number two: foundation. You cannot make a great visual design if you do not understand how or why it works. By studying these concepts and by doing further research, I find the best ways to make my projects stand out and attract an audience.

Finally, I can start planning my design. Ideation is the step where I develop my ideas. I take everything I learned in the previous two steps into consideration and begin production. However, it’s essential to add some variation to this. By creating a good number of mockups, sketches, and rough drafts, I don’t limit myself to a single outcome possibility. Instead, I explore new ways to make my ideas work. Sometimes it takes some tinkering to find the best results! The final step is Action. Once my client and/or I have decided on which idea to work on, I make it come to life!

My Work Objectives

Brands in creative industries such as music, video games, and literature have always interested me, so it would be especially exciting to work for a company in those fields. However, I’m not opposed to the idea of working for other types of industries. I have a variety of other interests, such as environmentalism, dentistry, and psychology, and I believe it’s important for designers to be able to adapt their style to their target audience.

I’m capable of working both by myself and as part of a team. I don’t have a specific preference since the choice of environment can depend on the type of project.

Something that is quite common nowadays is working from home. I’ve had great experiences working from home, both as a freelance designer and as a storyboard artist. I found that working remotely is not only convenient but also allows me to concentrate and get in the creative zone much more easily.

My Future Goals

As a designer, I would like to provide the following services: illustrations, graphics, icons, web design & wireframes, logos, book covers, flyers, booklets, packaging design and brand identity services.

Looking further into the future, I would like to be a 3D character designer in the video game industry while also publishing graphic novels and comics on the side. I plan on attending NAD to study 3D animation before starting to work full-time to make this possible.

Final Thoughts

Through my work, I’m committed to transforming ideas into reality. In fact, I’m always looking for new and exciting creative challenges, so if you value fresh ideas and attention to detail, you will love working with me!

If you want to see more from me, connect with me on Linkedin and follow my Behance!

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