Valeria Krumdieck: Designer & Illustrator

Self portrait vector illustration of Valeria Krumdieck made by valeria krumdieck, designer and illustrator
Self portrait illustration of Valeria Krumdieck

About Valeria Krumdieck

Hi! I’m Valeria, a graphic and web designer with a passion for graphics and illustration. I have over five years of experience working with Adobe applications and a lifetime of experience with creativity. 

 My main strengths are illustration and writing. I believe communication is key when it comes to visual design, and I know how to convey a clear message. 

I specialize in illustration-oriented work, but I can also make logos, brand identities, websites, publications, character design, packaging, animations, photography, storyboards, video editing, and much more

Get to Know my Design Process

My design process consists of these reasonably simple steps: Inspiration, Foundation, Ideation, Variation, and Action. (Sometimes, I employ some Frustration, but that step is not necessary.)

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Eric Lachance – Graphic Designer in Training

Self Portrait Illustration Created in Adobe Illustrator ©Eric Lachance 2019

My name is Eric Lachance and I have been learning graphic design for the last few years. I am looking for some experience although I intend to continue my education in the field of animation next year. During my studies, I have excelled and greatly enjoyed the design and technical parts of my field. I have done a lot of different work which challenged me but helped me learn a great variety of skills. In my program, I was taught to use numerous programs efficiently. The only thing I don’t enjoy as much is making websites despite being capable of doing so.

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