Eric Lachance – Graphic Designer in Training

Self Portrait Illustration Created in Adobe Illustrator ©Eric Lachance 2019

My name is Eric Lachance and I have been learning graphic design for the last few years. I am looking for some experience although I intend to continue my education in the field of animation next year. During my studies, I have excelled and greatly enjoyed the design and technical parts of my field. I have done a lot of different work which challenged me but helped me learn a great variety of skills. In my program, I was taught to use numerous programs efficiently. The only thing I don’t enjoy as much is making websites despite being capable of doing so.

What Are My Skills?

I’ve learned how to work effectively in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and Animate. Because of my knowledge in these programs, I feel confident in my skills to edit photos, make logos, illustrations, do branding work as well as layouts and work with typography using the programs listed above. My strongest among these skills however would be photo-editing, working with typography and working in illustrator. This is because I am more confident in my design skills over my development skills although they certainly are not lacking.

Future Plans

Next semester I intend to study 3D animation and CGI at Dawson. Though I have greatly enjoyed graphic design, I simply wish to follow my dream to work on video games in my future in a field that I enjoy and am good at. Much of what I’ve learned however should help make this transition easy as I’ve learned many essential programs such as Illustrator (used to create the illustration above), Photoshop and I’ve even touched on Adobe Animate which was a lot of fun.

Author: Eric Lachance

Young Graphic Designer looking for experience.

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