James Bolusi – From Memes to Graphic Design – New love for Web Design and Photography

Building the Foundation

Growing up, Web design, Photography or Illustrator was a foreign thing to my simple underdeveloped mind. But, I loved using tech. Often, I took apart old broken laptops to see how they worked and put them back together for fun. I always had a thing for anything computer related and knew I was going to pursue work where I’m surrounded by what I love.

Glitchy photoshop picture of young James
“Nostalgia” by James Bolusi ©2019 

One day, I was introduced to GIMP & Sony Vegas meant for school projects. I was surprised by the fun I was having creating god awful pictures and videos for class projects and friends. However, my adolescent self didn’t care to respect the continuity of design. I let my imagination compile these horrible pictures because it was fun. The majority of my creations were mainly for laughs.

New Beginnings

Right out of high school, I was determined to go to CEGEP since I was clueless about what I would become. I was steered towards Abbott since my brother was already there. So as of March 2016, I enrolled in Graphic & Web Design. Out of all the programs I saw, GWD was the one I was most interested in due to my familiarity with computers and to learn more about PhotoShop & Video editing.

However, After getting into this program, I would be surprised by the number of things I would be introduced to. Many lines of work that I never knew I would enjoy or be so good at such as photography, web design or Illustrator.

Starting out with graphic design

Like most, I was horrible at what I did simply because I didn’t understand Photoshop or any of the programs I was using to produce work. The best stuff I had created at the time were these…

Horrible photoshop
Photoshop of high school friends as if they’re a shuttle launch – James Bolusi ©2016
Bad photoshop
Work I made for a project close to the end of high school – James Bolusi ©2016

However, I have made it to my last semester in GWD and so much progress has been made. GWD was one of the best choices I’ve made because I go to school excited about what new things I will learn and will be able to create. I’ve found my passions within photography, Web design, and Illustrator. So here is some of what 3 years of graphic design experience can produce. More can be found on my portfolio!

Author: James Bolusi

A Graphic and Web Designer out of Montreal, I work mainly with Photography, Photoshop, and Illustrator which I have a great hand for. My projects tell a story and creates a message through visual surrealism. I strive to create beyond my best work and to work alongside others to combine creative ideas. I really look forward to the new people I get to meet and to create something amazing in the process.

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