Jonathan Pabucyan

Graphic Designer

I am an Armenian and Filipino graphic and web designer born and raised in Montreal, Canada. I am in the GWD program at John Abbott College.

Throughout the program, I have been working with various Adobe programs. I have a vast knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver.
Currently, I have been working on personal projects, and designs for clients throughout most of the pandemic. I wanted to use my time to enhance, and test my skills and abilities. I have made various logos and other branding designs for clients that I have received from social media, and have been promoting my Instagram account sharing numerous personal designs.

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Godwin Appiah

Graphic & Web Designer 

Montreal, QC

Ever since I could remember I’ve always been the creative type. Always drawing on anything I could get a hold of, which was something that kept me busy to the point where I was creating little comics in the back of the class with my friends.

Now, I specialize in Photoshop, Illustration, and InDesign. I have knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which has led me to explore my profession and working with clients.  Creating my own work and developing my skills as a Graphic & Web Designer is always a part of my passion. 

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Michael Ruscitti: The Illustrator

Michael Ruscitti Illustrator Profile Picture
Illustrative interpretation of Michael Ruscitti

Greetings! My name is Michael Ruscitti, but I usually go by the nickname Mike! I am a Montreal based graphic designer. I adore pop culture in all its forms, and enjoy drawing during my spare time!

To say that I’m pushing the limits with my artistic abilities is an understatement! I strive for all sorts of ideas, reaching for the stars!

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Anastasia Dalalakis: Branding & Illustrating

Melanin ©Anastasia Dalalakis


Currently, I am in my third year at John Abbott in Graphic and Web design. I am a dedicated, hardworking and preserving individual. One of my favorite things to do as a designer is to be involved in branding & illustrating. I can use my skills to help businesses achieve and reach their communication goals.

Drawing interests me a lot and I look forward to perfecting my current skills and developing new ones. I love to draw and convert my work into digital art. Creating innovative designs for branding & illustrating using my drawing skills is a passion.

Escaping Dreams Illustration
Escaping Dreams ©Anastasia Dalalakis


I am looking for a stage placement and will be available for a summer internship. Next Fall I will be starting my Design studies at Concordia University and will be open to part-time design work. I look forward to collaborating and learning from the team that I will work with.

I am someone who loves to keep expanding my knowledge as this challenges me. My strengths in Adobe software are Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Lightroom and I am excited to put them to good use in the job market.


For next Fall I am planning on perusing my studies at Concordia in the Design Program. To start my career, I want to expand my knowledge. This will include doing meaningful work towards the sustainability of our planet.

Noises are Everywhere purple branding poster
Noises Are Everywhere ©Anastasia Dalalakis

My Experience

As I begin my career, I am extremely enthusiastic and eager to see where my creative path will take me. I have developed numerous skills using a wide range of Adobe software programs. By getting a stage I hope to gain more work experience. I want to gain and make a positive contribution to a company. Through having had some experience with freelancing, it has helped me gain more knowledge, grow as a designer and become even more passionate about what I do. 

I look forward to an interesting and successful career in the graphic design field. 

Please feel free to view my portfolio and contact me with any questions.

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Sharissa Morrison – Creation With Inspiration

Illustration Banner

(c) Sharissa Morrison, 2018. 

When one is being a creative, there is not right or wrong way of doing it. It’s what you decide to make of it. I think life should be taking in this exact context. Letting it be free with how you wish to take it as long as it gets to its destinations.

Every painting starts with a stroke

Illustration "Low Love" by Sharissa Morrison

(c) Sharissa Morrison, Gimp, 2015.
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