Hi, Sonya Adelman Here


Let me introduce myself. My name is Sonya Adelman and I am a young Graphic Design student in my final year at John Abbott College. I have been taken by world media and the advertising world since I was an eleven year old watching an animated Oreo commercial on cable television. Advertising and Graphic Design to me is the perfect combination of arts and marketing I’ve always sought to aim towards in my future professional career. In this decade I’ve continued to be interested in that same field, not without learning a few things along the way; I love to write, I am obsessed with social media and I absolutely adore anything to do with packaging since you can have fun with doodles, funky colours and shapes!

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Tyrone David – Vector artist


I plan on continuing my education in graphic design before searching for a full-time job. I told myself before coming to John Abbott college that I want to learn as much as possible. Not only to increase my knowledge but create more opportunities for myself in the future as a vector artist.

About Me

I consider myself to be a very straightforward person, I’m optimistic and open to new ideas like my art style. I’m very caring and patient with others, and when it comes to my work, I like to take my time because I’m passionate and have high expectations of myself. I like to set goals because it helps me stay organized and motivated in all aspects of my life.

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Zac Taillefer: Graduating Profile

About me

So, here you are to learn a little bit about me. In 2016 I started at John Abbott in 2016 in Arts, Literature and Communication. I took a lot of photography classes, both digital and film. I also took animation classes. These classes helped me find my passion for design, and in 2017 I decided to apply for the Graphic and Web design program. I am an extremely hardworking and dedicated person; when I set my mind to something I work relentlessly until it is finished. I take my work very seriously and am very open to criticism. I work extremely well with others.

Graphic and Web Design

With the three-year Graphic and Web Design program, I learned to master many programs such as the Adobe suite, Atom, Office365. We covered all sorts of projects, from posters to complex packaging to web development, both front end and back end. We created media of all sorts from posters to animations to video editing. For web classes, we started by learning to code html and CSS in basic text editors and then moved on to using more complex applications like Dreamweaver. We also touched on php and creating sites in WordPress. My favourite class was photography, a passion of mine since I was a child that my grandfather, a high-ranking designer, taught me. I also really enjoyed my web classes and excelled very quickly.


My designs and work have been heavily influenced by the extreme sports world. I grew up doing all sorts of extreme sports such as surfing, snowboarding and downhill mountain biking. I was always watching the content that companies like RedBull House Media or Monster energy would post. My bookshelves were filled with Thrasher magazines and Snowboarder Mag. All this along with mainly shopping at Empire and Vans has led me to create with a very distinct style. You can find much of my work on my portfolio


Spaceman Sean photo composite by Zachary Taillefer
Spaceman Sean photo composite by GWD 2020 grad Zachary Taillefer

Future Plans

During my stage, I am looking to further understand how the industry works and gain enough experience and knowledge to start working confidently. Following my graduation in winter of 2020 I am planning on going straight into the workforce instead of doing the university route. I will be looking for full-time work as of the summer.

Rachel Dallaire: My Future in Graphic Design

©Rachel Dallaire Self Portrait

Who Am I

Hello! My name is Rachel Dallaire. I am a third-year graphic design student at John Abbott College and I am an extremely social person who expresses her love for art digitally.


I am detail oriented, responsible, charismatic and have excellent people skills which is why my niche of knowledge would be directed towards marketing and graphic design for brand companies. I have always taken interest for the advertising and photography aspect behind these companies. Now that I am in the process of learning the marketing aspect as well, I hope to be involved in this section too.

Ever since I was young, I was a very visual person especially when it came to learning. This resulted in my soft spot for creative photography and advertisements.

My dream job would be to work in a brand company revolving around clothes, shoes or beauty products. I have always admired these types of companies as I have been surrounded with models for various companies. I had the opportunity to observe all the work put in before the final advertisement so after a while I started to get the hang of it. For now, this is a very general direction but I would be happy to explore any direction my path takes me.


After I finish my DEC in Graphic & Web Design, I would like to continue in university to obtain a BAC in marketing and then start my career as a graphic designer. After three years of knowledge and different perspectives I would like to finally apply the skills that I have learned. I would love to work in a branding company where I would focus more on advertisements, logos, photography and marketing. Above everything, one of my biggest goals during my career is expanding my knowledge and ideas as much as possible. I hope to gain experience and learn from my colleagues in. Come take a look at my portfolio!

Marcello Ruggeri: Graphic Designer

About Me

My name is Marcello Ruggeri and I am currently finishing my studies at John Abbott College to become a graphic designer. I have developed strong design and page layout skills using Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. Furthermore, I also have a solid base of HTML and CSS. I am eager to show my skills and techniques that I gained in graphic design.


I have excellent work ethic, excellent time management and organizational skills, I am creative, self-motivated and I have the ability to work independently and as part of a team. Also, I am proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver. I pay special attention to detail, I have team spirit and the ability to communicate in French and English. My goals during stage is to gain experience working in an office environment, work with groups of people and develop more of my skills. My dream stage/job is to work in an environment with great and talented people in a large or small company. Also, my goal is to have a stage with the opportunity to work full-time once completed.

Marcello Ruggeri, Graphic Designer, Self Portrait
Self Portrait I made in Adobe Illustrator
© Marcello Ruggeri 2019


I will pursue my goal to work in the graphic design industry. Since I was young, I loved working on computers and always wanted to work for a company in the graphic design industry. Also, I would love to use my experience in graphic design for print and web. I want to use the skills that I gained during school and stage on what I will be working on during my career in the industry. I am looking forward to doing exciting projects with groups of people. In the end, I am really excited to see what the future holds for me in this industry.

Here’s my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcello-ruggeri-a8a3201a2/

Malcolm Graham : Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Picture of Malcolm Graham. Half of the image is a photo, and the other half is illustrated.

About Me

Hello there!

My name is Malcolm Graham, and I am a student currently studying Graphic and Web Design at John Abbott College.

In the Graphic and Web Design course, I am currently attending my last semester. Since this is a 3-year career program, the final semester includes a three-week work placement or stage.


I’m looking for a stage as a graphic designer and/or illustrator. I’m available for full-time work for over at least the summer, but I do plan on furthering my studies in the fields of illustration and animation. Ideally, having a job somewhere in downtown Montreal would be best, especially if it ties in to illustration/animation in some way. Once I begin classes again, I would still like to be able to work part-time between classes to earn some money on the side.

Despite my current interests, I am always open to new opportunities. Even if the job doesn’t meet my ideal scenario, I am very flexible. As long as I play to my strengths, I won’t have any issues performing to the best of my abilities. I’m good at keeping optimistic and keeping my cool in a lot of scenarios. I also don’t have a hard time adapting to new environments or workplaces since I’m always open to trying new things.

If you would like to see some of my work, you can click here to check out my web portfolio. You can also check out my page on the community blog if you would like.

In case you’re interested in hiring me, you can contact me through my website, or check out my account on LinkedIn. If not, I appreciate the time you took to check out my work anyway. Maybe you know someone else who’s looking for a graphic designer/illustrator with my skills?

I hope to hear from you soon!


Alternative album art designed for ASAP Rocky Babushka boy. Art direction by yours truly.
Alternative cover art for A$AP Rocky // Babushka Boy
© NosaGraphics


My name is Nathaniel Cozier-Weismuller. I’m a graduating graphic & web design student from john Abbott college. I’m 20 years old with great potential and motivation to strive in the world of design. My main focuses and interest currently will be Album art for musicians, Art Direction, photography, illustration and much more. I take a lot of my inspiration from Hip-Hop culture and try to apply it to my art and designs. Though I take a lot of inspiration and motivation from the hip hop culture, I still keeping a trendy/new feel to them. Furthermore, check out some of my work I have displayed on my Instagram.


My goal for stag is to work for a company that I will be able to use all my skills to my full potential. I would like to intern at a company where the passion for creativity, innovation & thinking outside the box is important. Regardless of the business, I work for, I truly believe I can use my photoshop skills, photography & art direction to truly help their business grow. I am a great team player and always coming up with new ideas for projects. I hope that my skills will be greatly appreciated at whichever Stage I acquire. Also, not only am I a great team player, but I would love to be able to excel in a company to further my career with them – I’m in it for the long run. If you chose me for your great company. I promise you will not regret it.

Mock cannabis cafe designed and envisioned by me.
 Ganja Cafe Montreal


As a young innovative designer, I have an immense amount of ideas for my future after school. Not only do I want to strive in the graphic design industry. In the future, I would love to create my own creative business. After I graduate from John Abbott I am planning on taking a small break from school, so I can gain experience, network and further improve my craft.

I am beyond excited to hear from you about any opportunities, please feel free to contact me anytime, here’s my email: nathcw@hotmail.com

To see more of my work check out my portfolio.

Nicholas Robillard – Graphic Designer

About Me

I have been into using computer programs from a young age and have always taken extra classes with the option of using computer programs. I love to create and design using adobe programs such as Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop and I am creative with it. I attend John Abbot College and have taken the coarse Graphic and Web Design for the past 3 years. Over the years I have a learnt a variety of skills through this program and can now confidently create anything from posters, packaging, magazines, websites and more.

T-shirt design for a skateboard company


My goal with stage is to gain experience in a real work environment and what to expect from clients while working in the graphic and web design industry. My expertise are designing with Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Animate, After effects and Premiere pro.  I am great at working in teams, I work very hard, have a good work ethic and I am a creative designer who loves using computer programs.  My dream stage job would be to work with a car company either helping with designs for certain areas of a car or creating their advertisements and website design.  I am excited to get started in a company and meet new people while gaining my experience everyday.


I will pursue my goal to work in the graphic and web design industry. I would love to use my experience in graphic design for print and web.I want to use the skills that I gained during school and stage on what I will be working on during my career in the industry. I have the coding and design skills to maintain and enhance a company’s website. I am also looking forward to doing exciting projects with groups of people.

Abigail Cross: get to know a little bit about me

I’m a graphic designer based in Montreal. I enjoy working on any kind of design work, whether it be a print, video or even photography. My designs are simple, legible and unique in the ways that I create them.

How I got Inspired

I’ve always had a passion for photography. I take pictures of anything. My passions for print, animation, and video editing came to me during the last four years of my life. I became a designer because I wanted to improve my designing skills since I love using Adobe products since my senior year of high school. 

Image was taken in Cayo Coco, Cuba


What I want to accomplish in my stage is just to gain some experience and understand and feel what it would be like working in the field. I would work anywhere. It would be a great experience. 

My dream stage/job would be to work at a place where I can design. I have this dream of wanting to contribute in more than one way rather than keeping myself in one area. This is something that I recently learned about myself.

I love photography, animation, video editing, making manuals and menus. I would like to be working in a company where I could help with many things.

I would fit in a place where there aren’t a lot of noise and people are focused on their work. I feel like that would be a place where I would fit in. I also think that I would fit in in more of a smaller company than a large company. I would be able to concentrate more on my tasks throughout the day. I wouldn’t mind working in a large company, but I work better in places where there are smaller groups. 

Long-term Goals

For my long-term goals, my main focus is to explore many areas. This is my number one long-term goal because I want to use most of my design skills.

I will probably find more goals as I continue my design career. 

Brittany Horvath – Get to know me

© Brittany Horvath, 2020
A photo I took of a flower by the lakeshore

About Me

Hi there, I am Brittany Horvath! I am currently a student in the Graphic and Web Design program at John Abbott College.

Ever since I was very young, I have had a passion for the arts and creative expression. Through the Graphic and Web Design program, I have learned how much I enjoy being digitally artistic and creative. I have discovered a passion for photography and photo retouching; my favorite things to photograph are cute animals and beautiful things found in nature. As for design, I enjoy creating business cards, posters, and social media content. The go-to applications that I enjoy using the most for design are Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. In my spare time, I enjoy taking photos (mostly of my cat), playing video games, and listening to/playing music. I love to sing all sorts of songs, and I also taught myself how to play the piano!

Being organized, empathetic, patient, and respectful are things I highly value in day to day life, and in which I apply these values to my work ethic. I am a firm believer in using patience, positivity, and enthusiasm through all situations and problems. My personal skills are problem-solving, both socially and technically, organization and time management, adaptability and motivation to learn as I am tech-savvy and love learning and using new tools and programs.


For my upcoming stage, I have a few set goals I wish to accomplish. My main goal is to gain valuable experience working in an office environment. I aim to improve my knowledge and skills in design in a more professional environment and learn all the ins and outs of the industry.

A company best-fit for me would be one who values teamwork, good communication, diversity, and honesty, while still leaving room for fun. While I believe I would enjoy working with any company that matches these values, I am very interested in working for companies in the industries of fashion and beauty, video games, or anything related to animals. I would be bringing my technical and design skills, my enthusiasm, and a positive attitude to my stage, with the goals to contribute new ideas and overall positivity to the team. After graduation, I aim to work full time as I have no current plans to go to University yet.

Feel free to visit my portfolio to view my work!