Zac Taillefer: Graduating Profile

About me

So, here you are to learn a little bit about me. In 2016 I started at John Abbott in 2016 in Arts, Literature and Communication. I took a lot of photography classes, both digital and film. I also took animation classes. These classes helped me find my passion for design, and in 2017 I decided to apply for the Graphic and Web design program. I am an extremely hardworking and dedicated person; when I set my mind to something I work relentlessly until it is finished. I take my work very seriously and am very open to criticism. I work extremely well with others.

Graphic and Web Design

With the three-year Graphic and Web Design program, I learned to master many programs such as the Adobe suite, Atom, Office365. We covered all sorts of projects, from posters to complex packaging to web development, both front end and back end. We created media of all sorts from posters to animations to video editing. For web classes, we started by learning to code html and CSS in basic text editors and then moved on to using more complex applications like Dreamweaver. We also touched on php and creating sites in WordPress. My favourite class was photography, a passion of mine since I was a child that my grandfather, a high-ranking designer, taught me. I also really enjoyed my web classes and excelled very quickly.


My designs and work have been heavily influenced by the extreme sports world. I grew up doing all sorts of extreme sports such as surfing, snowboarding and downhill mountain biking. I was always watching the content that companies like RedBull House Media or Monster energy would post. My bookshelves were filled with Thrasher magazines and Snowboarder Mag. All this along with mainly shopping at Empire and Vans has led me to create with a very distinct style. You can find much of my work on my portfolio

Spaceman Sean photo composite by Zachary Taillefer
Spaceman Sean photo composite by GWD 2020 grad Zachary Taillefer

Future Plans

During my stage, I am looking to further understand how the industry works and gain enough experience and knowledge to start working confidently. Following my graduation in winter of 2020 I am planning on going straight into the workforce instead of doing the university route. I will be looking for full-time work as of the summer.

Author: Zac Taillefer

Zac Taillefer is a graphic design student at John Abbott College. His main focus is photography and web design.

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