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Let me introduce myself. My name is Sonya Adelman and I am a young Graphic Design student in my final year at John Abbott College. I have been taken by world media and the advertising world since I was an eleven year old watching an animated Oreo commercial on cable television. Advertising and Graphic Design to me is the perfect combination of arts and marketing I’ve always sought to aim towards in my future professional career. In this decade I’ve continued to be interested in that same field, not without learning a few things along the way; I love to write, I am obsessed with social media and I absolutely adore anything to do with packaging since you can have fun with doodles, funky colours and shapes!


In my stage I would be interested in working on social media posts such as banners, stories and small video or .gif edits, but I’m open to other tasks such as potentially writing blurbs or articles as well. If I got to design a cover for something I would be thrilled. My dream jobs revolve around something to do with a public relations firm. Managing the look and message of a brand would be continually satisfying in my opinion. I am a very curious, open minded, talkative and sociable person, and would love to work in an environment where I could share ideas with my peers and bounce off of each other’s suggestions. I think I would contribute well to a team of creatives as I have an eye for aesthetics and visually pleasing color combinations.  Likely, I would prefer working for a smaller company, as Montreal is seemingly a hub for new and innovative ways to pierce the market, and I’d love to find an environment where I can fit in and help participate in the collective journey to success. 

You can view my portfolio HERE

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Hey! Welcome to my profile :) Second year graphic design student with a taste for funky artistic concepts. Clown. Artist question mark?

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  1. Thanks for the post Sonya Ive recently entered the web design space because i was laid off due to covid 19. I’ve been researching a lot about designing with SEO in mind from the start instead of trying to add it on later. It’s an interesting industry. Now that Ive got my website off the ground, I’m finally ready to start my first web design job lol 🙂
    Thanks again

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