Hi, Sonya Adelman Here


Let me introduce myself. My name is Sonya Adelman and I am a young Graphic Design student in my final year at John Abbott College. I have been taken by world media and the advertising world since I was an eleven year old watching an animated Oreo commercial on cable television. Advertising and Graphic Design to me is the perfect combination of arts and marketing I’ve always sought to aim towards in my future professional career. In this decade I’ve continued to be interested in that same field, not without learning a few things along the way; I love to write, I am obsessed with social media and I absolutely adore anything to do with packaging since you can have fun with doodles, funky colours and shapes!

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Janelle Bryan-Evolving as a Graphic Designer

Reflection of graphic designer Janelle Bryan in a cracked mirror
My reflection in a cracked and dirty mirror ©JanelleBryan

Who Is Janelle Bryan?

I am a hard-working and thoughtful graphic designer who is willing to give anything a try. I left high school thinking I wanted to have a career in literature or history but soon discovered that as much as I love those fields, it wasn’t where I wanted to pursue a career.

Finding My Passion

I found a passion for being a graphic designer, and for the constant learning that comes with it. As my skills develop, I find new ways to do things. I can be given a project and accomplish it in a completely different way than someone else. It may be because I prefer a different program, have a different style, or solve problems differently. No matter what, what I design will not be the same as what someone else if they are given the same specifications. What I designed two years ago is not the same as what I would do now, or even in the future. This is because I am constantly learning and evolving, and I am excited to start learning and evolving with you.

Business card for a hairstylist
Business card for Local B hairstylist Emilia Distefano © JanelleBryan
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Kelsey Zarate-Chin: Packaging and Branding

I am a soon-to-be graduate of John Abbott’s Graphic and Web Design Program. I’m hardworking, independent and keen on learning something new every day. I intend to specialize in the packaging and branding field.

Package design by Kelsey Zarate-Chin

Who Am I?

Growing up, I never liked the math and science classes because I felt too constricted. Art let me explore my creativity and create something new. When I’m not focusing on arts, I’m outside playing soccer. I’ve been playing semi-competitive soccer for over 10 years which has taught me many skills that are needed to be successful in a team. 

I chose graphic design because it encompasses different aspects of design and you can choose to specialize in specific areas or be a general designer. 

I’m excited for what’s about to come in the shortly after Abbott. I’m ready to put all the knowledge and skill I’ve acquired over the years into a real-world work environment.

Sea to Sea Stationary Design by Kelsey Zarate-Chin
Sea to Sea Stationary Design by Kelsey Zarate-Chin


Throughout my three-week stage, I would like to experience what my life will resemble after Abbott. I want to experience what the meetings are like, the process, different departments, and the workload. Out of all the courses I took during my three years, I love packaging and branding projects the most. It’s fun designing different styles of packaging for a variety of products. I also enjoy coming up with a brand and designing a line that carries the image of the brand. I would like to work for a fashion or beauty company. Whether it be designing packaging or creating and maintaining a brands’ image, I’m open to the opportunities.

The Future

I plan on working in graphic and web design field full-time. I plan on staying with a company to gain experience and expand my professional network. My ultimate dream is to open a design firm starting in Montreal and then expanding to other locations around the world. 

I see myself working with a large company that focuses on teamwork and collaboration. A positive environment where success is recognized and appreciated. Often, a company focuses solely on the success they forget to appreciate those that were involved in making the project a success. I’ve been working retail with a large staff for a couple of years now. Over time, we all became so close that it felt like a family. Having such a tight-knit staff brought all sorts of positivity not only to the environment but it continued to strengthen the relationship.

Applying to university in the program to further my skills may also be a part of the future.