Janelle Bryan-Evolving as a Graphic Designer

Reflection of graphic designer Janelle Bryan in a cracked mirror
My reflection in a cracked and dirty mirror ©JanelleBryan

Who Is Janelle Bryan?

I am a hard-working and thoughtful graphic designer who is willing to give anything a try. I left high school thinking I wanted to have a career in literature or history but soon discovered that as much as I love those fields, it wasn’t where I wanted to pursue a career.

Finding My Passion

I found a passion for being a graphic designer, and for the constant learning that comes with it. As my skills develop, I find new ways to do things. I can be given a project and accomplish it in a completely different way than someone else. It may be because I prefer a different program, have a different style, or solve problems differently. No matter what, what I design will not be the same as what someone else if they are given the same specifications. What I designed two years ago is not the same as what I would do now, or even in the future. This is because I am constantly learning and evolving, and I am excited to start learning and evolving with you.

Business card for a hairstylist
Business card for Local B hairstylist Emilia Distefano © JanelleBryan
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Fast Tagging in Dreamweaver

Screenshot of Using the Quick Tag Editor
Screenshot of Using the Quick Tag Editor

How many times have you typed out something in Dreamweaver, and later realize that you forgot to wrap it in a tag? When coding, there is a lot to do, and with no time to waste, it’s frustrating to type the tag around your text. Even with the option to select the text and insert a tag, if you need one that is hard to find in the insert panel you are just wasting time. Instead, try using the Quick Tag Editor next time.

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