Abigail Cross: get to know a little bit about me

I’m a graphic designer based in Montreal. I enjoy working on any kind of design work, whether it be a print, video or even photography. My designs are simple, legible and unique in the ways that I create them.

How I got Inspired

I’ve always had a passion for photography. I take pictures of anything. My passions for print, animation, and video editing came to me during the last four years of my life. I became a designer because I wanted to improve my designing skills since I love using Adobe products since my senior year of high school. 

Image was taken in Cayo Coco, Cuba


What I want to accomplish in my stage is just to gain some experience and understand and feel what it would be like working in the field. I would work anywhere. It would be a great experience. 

My dream stage/job would be to work at a place where I can design. I have this dream of wanting to contribute in more than one way rather than keeping myself in one area. This is something that I recently learned about myself.

I love photography, animation, video editing, making manuals and menus. I would like to be working in a company where I could help with many things.

I would fit in a place where there aren’t a lot of noise and people are focused on their work. I feel like that would be a place where I would fit in. I also think that I would fit in in more of a smaller company than a large company. I would be able to concentrate more on my tasks throughout the day. I wouldn’t mind working in a large company, but I work better in places where there are smaller groups. 

Long-term Goals

For my long-term goals, my main focus is to explore many areas. This is my number one long-term goal because I want to use most of my design skills.

I will probably find more goals as I continue my design career. 

Author: Abby Cross

Photographer who takes mostly landscape images. Work is mostly simple and modern.

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