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(c) Sharissa Morrison, 2018. 

When one is being a creative, there is not right or wrong way of doing it. It’s what you decide to make of it. I think life should be taking in this exact context. Letting it be free with how you wish to take it as long as it gets to its destinations.

Every painting starts with a stroke

Illustration "Low Love" by Sharissa Morrison

(c) Sharissa Morrison, Gimp, 2015.

Before any good painting is finished, it always has to start with one simple stroke. Its from that that moment, the artist can be take it in an direction they wish to take it. It can follow a specific path, every decision carefully and precisely made. Or its abstract, the artist is not sure what the end result would look like, but the journey with it has its own meaning and comprehension. 

I’d like to think of my career as a a series of paintings. A lot have been made, but some are still in the making. The journey I’m about to start is still unclear, spontaneous but I do know what direction I’d like to take it and how I wish to take it at this point and I believe those are the best times in our lives.

Where do I Start?

So you ask, how does someone start a painting? Well, in general, most pieces of art have a main focus – a focal point that the painter wants you to pay most attention to. When that is mapped out, you can get more of an idea how the painting will be created. 

My main focus as of currently is to enroll into University and specialize in something that will be useful to my career. Doing this might direct me into many directions, but that’s okay, it’s part of the process.

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