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I am Laura, a UX/UI designer whose aim is to improve user experience through branding and user interface design. Something I truly enjoy is the artistic aspect of communicating through the visual elements of design to improve the user experience. For this reason, I decided to immerse myself in the creative side of design.


Formerly I worked as System Designer and in Project Management. As a System Designer, I wrote functional requirements from different partners and interpreted them into design proposals. As for Project Management, I acted as technical contact and coordinator between development and product management teams.

Now, in the field of Graphic and Web Design, I have become aware and mindful of promoting visual information to the end user in an effort to improve his or her experience.

In the past year, I have discovered a passion for illustration. I truly love drawing and the peace and joy this activity gives me, in particular, I like hand drawing doodles and simply express myself.

Turtle drawing - black and white
Sea turtle – black and white, hand drawn, Laura Hernández


Currently, I am studying Graphic and Web Design at John Abbott College and will be completing my diploma in December 2019. I am a graduate of Publication and Web Design (AEC 2016) Continuing Education at John Abbott. I hold Attestations in Business Analysis and Project Management at McGill University. And have a B.Eng. in Computer Science from the Technological Institute of Saltillo.


My work experience has taught me to listen to the client’s needs and translate them into requirements. I have also learned to work as part of a team and appreciate the contribution each member brings to a design solution. This is reinforced at John Abbott where, as a graphic and web designer I continue to create solutions based on client demands.

My values

Additionally, I’d like to mention the principles I value most while working. These values are respect, openness, and courage. I believe that, if we follow these principles, great things can happen. With respect, we listen to different opinions; with openness, we learn from others; and with courage, we continue our journey of continuous learning.

the future

In conclusion, I look forward to getting hands-on experience in UX/UI Design outside of the school environment. And therefore, I would appreciate the possibility of starting an internship placement this spring; from April 22nd to May 10th, 2019. Upon completion of my diploma in December 2019, I am open to new opportunities. Specifically, where I can use my UX/UI design and Systems Design skill set and help change the world one design at the time.

UX/UI Design- Websites examples
UX/UI Design – Laura Hernandez

Author: Laura Hernandez

I started my career in the Telecom industry where I worked as a System Designer, creating and improving systems for mobile networks. After my career in System Design, I decided to raise my family. Since I always loved creativity and aesthetics, I started a new venture in Graphic and Web Design and I enrolled in this program at John Abbott. Being back at school has been an incredible and humbling experience, learning to use new software and getting creative. I truly enjoy working in Illustrator but also hand drawing designs and I would like to become a strong UX/UI designer. I am based in Montreal and looking forward to joining the workforce.

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