Cristina DeLuca Through the [Lens] Glass

vibrant colour 1950s style photography of a girl in a diner
Electrifying © Cristina DeLuca, 2019

An overview of who I am, and who I aspire to be

When I came into graphic and web design at John Abbott College, I knew one thing for sure; I was going to work for Vogue one day. Magazine layout design is what I was made for. And then in my second year at Abbott, I had a photography class and the lines became blurred.

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”

Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

Now, I absolutely love photography and post-processing. I’m underdeveloped, but I want to grow and learn. I want to gain creativity and individuality all while keeping up with current trends and staying relevant. I like to work with people who are in that same mindset or who can help me figure it all out.

As a person, I flourished since starting at Abbott. Being an athlete on the cheerleading team and a co-producer of two variety shows for the school, I became a team player and a leader and found out how much I love working with people (especially theatre students). I want my life path to continue to use and develop these strengths.

What I want out of stage

When I think about what I want out of my stage, I think about Jenna’s job in 13 Going On 30- THE DREAM, right? I want to be in an environment where editorial photography is a big deal. My vision is still blurry: Do I want to take the pictures? Maybe just work on post-processing them? Or perhaps, I want to put them on the page alongside other content? In a perfect, easy world, I’d do all three and more. Truth is, I feel like Alice, stepping through her looking glass. I’m a tiny girl about to walk into a twilight zone. I hope to gain some clarity out of my stage.

And then what?

In the summer, I can either work at a theatre camp that I worked at last summer, or I can continue in my field of study. Regardless of where I am, I intend on evolving who I am as an artist.

This past Fall, I suffered a concussion and had to take a medical incomplete for an Illustration class. Next school year, I will be back at John Abbott College as a full-time student to finish my final GWD class, along with my General Education classes. I will be available to work part-time at this time.

After finishing at John Abbott, I plan on furthering my studies in photography at Concordia University. I want to develop my photography and post-processing style and find who I am as a photographer and in turn, what I have to offer.

Author: Cristina DeLuca

I'm just your typical gal, falling in love with everything she touches, finding beauty in everything she sees, and aspiring to inspire, the same way she is influenced by everyone she meets.

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