Michael Ruscitti: A Look Into The Magic

My name is Michael Ruscitti, and I first found my passion in Graphic Design when I was only a child, being amazed by even the most simple designs, layouts and advertisements. Since then, my passion for designing has been rising.

In this vernissage video, you will find a variety of things! I can assure you, there is something for everyone on my portfolio website. As an added bonus, you can even visit my website to take a closer look at some of my words!

View My Portfolio Here

Trying to put together the portfolio, in all honesty, proved to be a bit of a hassle. I’m not the greatest when it comes to coding, but I think the end result looks pretty good! The content of my website really helps it out in the long run!

As I said before, there is something for everyone! Whether you would be into posters and photos, to website designs and sketches on paper, rest assured, there is in fact, something for all!

Michael Ruscitti Illustrator Profile Picture

Thank you for taking the time to view Michael Ruscitti and his Graphic Design vernissage video! While you’re at it, why not visit my social media pages too?


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