About Arpi

As a designer, I like to take risks and try new styles and concepts I am not familiar with. My intentions are to create easy to navigate design both virtually and on print. The design and the intended information must be clear and cohesive. The viewer should not be struggling to find key information.

At John Abbott I have also completed 2 years at Business Administration. Having some business background, I am able to combine both skill sets: Business and Graphic Design. By using market research, consumer behaviour, IMC’s, marketing, as well as design principals, I am able to see the needs of both my client and their consumers.

I aspire to work with a company that gives back to the community; A company that is aware of its environmental footprint and believes in their product and services. I enjoy working in teams where we can all brainstorm ideas and build better designs. However, I am also able to work alone. One of my strengths is being able to stay motivated and organized in order to remain both on task and on schedule. With my knowledge of Business Administration along with Graphic & Web Design, I am able to consider both fields when creating a solution. Whether it be providing a cohesive brand image, designing packaging, managing social media, or creating branding tools such as flyers, business cards. Through color and content and content placement, I am able to get the brand message across to the viewer.

I like to always keep busy and find new projects to expand my portfolio. I am currently working on expanding a start-up, free-lancing, creating merchandising displays at Stokes Inc. as well as nearing the end of my DEC at John Abbott College. I look forward to new opportunities to gain experience and knowledge.

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