Claudia Cataford: Graphic Designer

About Me

Hi, my name is Claudia Cataford. I am a Graphic Designer from Kanehsatake, growing up my culture has shaped me into a compassionate and respectful person. One of my greatest strengths as a designer is that I can produce high-quality work quickly.

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Stage Objective

My main stage objective is to meet client’s needs by providing excellent graphic design services with a professional attitude. My second biggest goal is to absorb as much information and experience as I can in order to get the most out of the work placement.  I hope to feel as though I’ve done something meaningful during the 3 weeks of the stage.   

Dream Stage Placement

My dream stage placement is to be placed where my flaws will be embraced so that I may further myself. I am looking forward to working with engaging and open-minded people that will foster my growth and allow me to gain work experiences that will strengthen my skills and knowledge. I hope to be challenged during stage because it is only when we are faced with challenges and overcome them that we can see our growth.   

Work Environment

I believe that I would fit best in a teamwork environment where I can share my ideas and receive approval and feedback from other designers because I am currently working on improving my confidence by speaking out more during meetings for example. That’s not to say that I can’t work in a solitary position as I can work well alone. I love offering and receiving support to and from team members and I can be autonomous and independent. I will always provide my best services as a graphic designer in any work environment to provide the best services and communicate the intended message.  


In the future, I hope to see myself working as a graphic designer with a company that reflects my values and ambitions which include: compassion, loyalty and honesty, and one of my ambitions is of having a good reputation in the design field. I wish to continue to grow my knowledge as the world and technology evolve. I want to be appreciated for my work and to feel as though my work is impactful and innovative. 

Portrait image of Claudia Cataford Graphic Designer
Portrait of Claudia Cataford in Mont-Tremblant

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