Emma Sinclair-Smith: Graphic Designer

Emma Sinclair-Smith: Graphic Designer


My name is Emma Sinclair-Smith, I am a graphic media and web design student at John Abbott College. My ambitions after graduation are to freelance while attending university, then acquire a job in the field of graphic design to develop my skills to their fullest potential. Working for a well known company where my work can be seen on billboards or any means that will be seen by the public would be my proudest accomplishment. I plan to dedicate my services to a company in the city of Montreal or surrounding areas such as Ottawa or Toronto. Eventually I would like to broaden my horizon by working around the globe to expand my knowledge of different cultures and societies which I can apply to my work to attract all different demographics. My biggest goal is to be a successful, dependable, resourceful and efficient worker.


During my stage I would like to gain hands on experience working as a graphic designer. I have a great deal of determination therefore I plan to provide as much help I possibly can to the stage host. Working in the food and retail industry provided me with in-depth knowledge of the latest design trends & techniques. I have advanced people skills due to the many years I’ve worked in customer service, therefore I am open to working for any type of organization, big or small. I will embody anything thrown my way to create work that reflects the company’s theme and objective. I would like to make a good impression, quality work and personal connections that will give me the confidence to pursue this career long term. I would enjoy working as a graphic designer during my stage because it is my strength & passion. It is the field I want to pursue in the future therefore I believe a stage that focuses on design would be best suited for me.

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