Justin Lalonde: Graphic & Web Designer

Justin Lalonde

Hey, I’m Justin.

I specialize in Web Design, more specifically, WordPress website design.

For the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with clients and partners across the province to help them renew their online strategy. I introduced many to the benefits of using social media tools and taught them to market their personal brands while doing it myself for others.

How I build websites

When it comes to website design, here’s how I work: I start by creating a custom mock-up in Adobe XD of the website’s homepage to give the client a solid grasp of the final site’s look.

Adobe XD web design app

Then, I create a wireframe in WordPress using the visual builder Divi. I use the Divi builder view to place the important items like sections, rows, columns, etc.

After wireframing the entire site, I input content. I usually start with text content as I do not always have all the required images to fill the site when I start this step. When I do, I then also input all of them on the site.

Divi builder for web design

Once the content is in place, I start playing with the alignment and CSS. I start by making the desktop view the same as the mock-up. I then build my way to the tablet and mobile view where they usually require the use of a child theme custom CSS file.

Finally, I’ll upload the site to a live test site on SiteGround, a fast WordPress managed hosting platform. I use a temporary domain to test the site and fix all issues on the live version. I make sure the SEO date inputted within the Yoast SEO plugin is correct and I finish the project by transferring the site’s ownership to the client.

Facebook ads?

If you didn’t know already, on top of web design, I love online marketing. I am knowledgeable when it comes to Facebook Marketing and somewhat experienced with content strategy. 

Facebook Blueprint

I currently run a page growth campaign for a client with the goal of increasing their following. We’re currently achieving results of 0.10$ per like for a fairly low daily sum.

I am still relatively new to the field, but I’ve learned so much in the past few weeks by running client campaigns and reading online material.

In 5 years…

Where will I be in 5 years? Honestly, who knows… I love to think about the future in relation to now, the present. I’m currently in the process of building things, of making websites and learning online marketing.

I am already, in a way, building what’s to come in 5 years. I’m sure I’ll learn new programming languages, new marketing techniques and work on new type of projects in the upcoming months and I’m excited just thinking about it.

Web designer at his desk

Now, if I rephrase this question and instead ask myself, what do I want to learn within the next 5 years? I could name you a few things. How about, learning Elementor, learning Webflow, fully learning the tips and tricks behind SEO and a SEO focused content strategy? Those are all things that I know I want and need to learn to become a true master at making websites.

Am I inspired?

Of course, I am! Like you and everyone around us, I love to look online for inspiration when producing designs.

From friends and family to strangers, I follow many social media users who produce incredible pieces of work.

Super website

One of my favorite designers is Traf, a friend of a friend who I encountered online a little over a year ago. Love his dark aesthetics and his modern approach to his company website, Super .

Final words

I am thrilled to embark in this journey and can’t wait to jump on every opportunity that I will encounter throughout the year.

2021 is a year of growth, change and progress. I am flowing through the waves of my dreams and surely finding my vocation as I navigate forward.

Checkout my work at: https://graphicandwebdesign.ca/current-grads/justin-desnoyers-lalonde

Let’s connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/justin-lalonde/

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