David Baum: Graphic & Web Designer

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David Baum: Graphic and Web Designer

Hi, I’m David Baum: a passionate graphic and web designer (both a student and a freelancer). I am also a proud Montrealer, a lover of music, movies, travel and good poutine. 

Freelancing & Future Aspirations

During my time as a Graphic and Web Design student, I have developed my skills across the domains of branding, illustration, print design and web design. The expertise that I have gained from GWD motivated me to start my graphic design freelance business, David Baum Designs, as a means to further my skills beyond school. My freelance projects so far have primarily focused on the creation of logos, advertising/branding material and photo albums. My largest job so far has been as the ad designer for the December 2020 issue of Perspective, the magazine published bi-annually by the Donald Berman Maimonides Geriatric Centre in Côte Saint-Luc, QC. This year, I hope to focus on a greater amount of branding and social media projects for clients.

After CEGEP, I intend to further my studies within the field of design, on a broader scale. I will be attending Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario (southwest of Toronto) this coming fall, studying interaction design (a 4-year honours bachelor’s degree). From there, I hope to build my career as a UX/UI designer, creating websites and applications. My web education at Abbott has given me confidence in my development abilities (and excitement for potentially working in the web design field). However, I have found greater pleasure in focusing primarily on the front-end, rather than fully coding websites. I am truly excited to be studying interaction design, as it will allow me to develop new skills and broaden my future career opportunities. 

I also plan to continue freelancing as a graphic designer throughout my time at Sheridan. That way, I can keep my GWD-acquired skills fresh even while exploring a different avenue of design. 

Stage Intentions

I believe that I possess a strong and diverse skill set that can hopefully benefit any stage host. However, I would be most interested in opportunities allowing me to work on creating branding material and social media content. In addition to being a primary focus for my business, I particularly enjoy this avenue of design. I see the stage as a great opportunity to further build on these skills. 

I would also consider a web design-oriented stage opportunity, as I am confident that my skills can be put to good use when necessary. That being said, I would personally much prefer an opportunity where I can primarily focus on interface design along with basic development, rather than an opportunity that is development-heavy. 

In terms of the company’s organizational culture, an experience either with a small or large company each presents its own set of benefits. I am open to any opportunities and experiences that come my way. I also hope to be able to collaborate on a diverse set of projects with different people. This will allow me to build a valuable network of connections in the field, and gain a diverse range of skills from these various experiences. 

Photography Experience

Photography has also been a part of my skill set since I was young. I have gained experience from both GWD and Dawson College’s f/Start photography program. In addition, I have worked as a freelance/volunteer photographer for celebrations and charity events. Nowadays, I focus more on design projects and enjoy complimenting my work with my photography whenever I can. I am most passionate about city/landscape photography, and I always keep my camera by my side when travelling. 

Reach Out!

Please feel free to also check me and my work out on (as well as contact me through):

My portfolio: www.

Facebook: @dbaumdesigns

Instagram: @dbaumdesigns

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/davidbaum2

My personal website, promoting my freelance business: www.davidbaum.ca

I look forward to speaking with you!

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