Victor Létourneau’s Early Beginning in Graphic Design

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The following is an overview in chronological order of Victor Létourneau’s early beginning in Graphic Design and how he came to study Graphic and Web Design at John Abbott College.

Early Beginning with Computers

During my childhood, I would play a lot of Flash games and try softwares that were on my parent’s computer. The notable ones were Windows Movie Maker, 3D house studio, PowerPoint, and Picture Project.

Young Victor Early Beginning using Computers
7 years old me playing on the family computer

With the beginning of highschool came more digital liberty. I would film and edit videos to put on Youtube. I would add special effects using Adobe After Effects ver. 4 and create thumbnails with Paint.exe. I discovered because of art class that you could draw digitally and I was hooked. I was fascinated by Photoshop tutorials and would watch hours non-stop even thought I did not own the software.

11 years old me experimenting with After Effects

First Contact with Graphic Design

In 10nth grade, I attended a multimedia art class where we used Photoshop to make photo edits and book covers, as well as Premiere Pro to do video editing. I was very good at it because of my ease with technology and the knowledge of 50+ hours of tutorials. I was told by my teacher to look into Graphic Design but did not think much about it other than it’s a passion.

I registered to the Art, Letter, and Communication program of John Abbott with the idea that I will figure out my career plan in university, but I found that it did not fit me as much as I thought. In doubt, I turned to one of my friends who told me about the Graphic and Web Design program. After looking into it and loving the course material I was able to quickly change program. This was a big decision for me and one I do not regret. The back-end of what design is made me realize the difference between art and design, which I thought were similar.

What I am looking forward to

In the future, I want to pursue my studies in Project Management, which is somewhat of an adjacent field. I believe that I can build upon what I learned and acquire new skills that will help in having a successful and fulfilling professional career. I hope that you enjoyed reading through “Victor Létourneau’s Early Beginning in Graphic and Web Design”.

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