Joey Theoret – Graphic Designer

About Me

Hey there, I’m Joey a graphic designer from Montreal. After three years studying Graphic & Web design at John Abbott College, I am offering my skills and service to the world. This course taught me all there is to know about design, from the flow of a concept to the impact behind different elements or colours.    

As a designer, I want to work in the extreme sports industry but more specifically in the snowboard and skateboard design industry. I am also very interested in working with a physical activity-based community. My past life experiences are perfect for this as I grew up playing a lot of action and team sports, meaning that I know these communities very well and I would be the perfect pick for dynamic and powerful designs.   

At the end of the day, my dream job would be to work as a freelancer while being connected to a lot of skateboard and snowboard brands. If I get the chance to have one of my very own graphics on a board that would be a dream come true. For a long time, skateboarding was looked down upon and now the industry is thriving like never. Which makes it the best time ever to try and make myself stand out in the industry.  

Although I find myself surrounded by skateboarders and those part of the community, I find that I fit with really any social group that is outgoing and seeks the adventures ahead. My curiosity for new things helps me connect with pretty much everyone I meet.      

For our stage this year I would love to get the opportunity to work within the skateboard or snowboard industry. I wish to work with outgoing people with creative minds but also value the importance of enjoying what nature has to offer. A community of people who values the importance of physical activity not only for our bodies but also our minds. In my time on stage, I hope to get the chance to practice either my package design, digital illustrations or any branding work.   

I have the intention at some point in my life to travel and visit as many of the beautiful sights as the earth has to offer. I want to travel to Japan, known as the powder mecca, and go snowboard what is probably the snowiest place on earth. See the waves that South America has to offer and many more. In order to travel like this, I plan on doing freelancing work for a part of my career so that I get to be my own boss and seek the adventures I want when I want. 

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