How to optimize and secure a print PDF for web use

When creating an online version of print design projects, a designer must create a high quality PDF optimized for WWW distribution. For example, a PDF weighing less than 5Mb might need to be generated from a 100Mb print-quality PDF. Also, you will want to lock down the PDF to prevent theft of it’s text and images, and include a copyright notice. Follow these easy steps that explain how to optimize and secure a print PDF for web use.

Note that these steps require Adobe Acrobat Pro.

First, always make sure your fonts are properly embedded

Screen capture of the Adobe PDF Presets dialog box showing the font inclusion options. This is the first step to optimize and secure a print PDF for web use.
Screen capture of the Adobe PDF Presets dialog box showing the font inclusion options.
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Ben Woschitz – Aspiring Graphic Designer

Inspired by the likes of the legendary Saul Bass and Max Miedinger, I’m an upcoming and aspiring graphic and web designer looking to leave my mark on the world; just like those before me. 

Specializing more so in graphic design rather than web design, I offer multiple services. They may include but are not limited to, logo design, photo retouching, print, package design, illustration, and web design. Some even go a bit beyond just graphic and web design, such as photography, video editing, and recently self-taught–3D modeling. Utilizing programs such as Adobe’s Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, and After Effects, as well as Autodesk’s Fusion360, to name a few.

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Vanessa Mercure – Paint Brush into Computer Mouse

Who Am I?

My name is Vanessa Mercure. I am a third-year graphic and web design student studying at John Abbott College. Art is the greatest form of human expression. It is very difficult to pinpoint exactly what art is because it means something different to everyone. To me, art is about self-expression, letting people see your point of view through your artwork, exposing your vulnerable side as a result of your art, truly letting the world, see you.  I am a person that strives to complete the tasks at hand. I am an efficient, responsible, charismatic person who is very detail-oriented. 

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Noah Elin-Smith – Graphic Designer

 Visit my site here.

As a graphic designer, I especially like creating visual identities and working on print media, such as magazines, packaging and posters or advertising. I also enjoy web design and coming up with unique website experiences. Web coding isn’t my strong suit, however I am often able to find creative solutions the difficulties I encounter and I am determined to improving my coding skills.

My strengths are being able to work under pressure and put forth great work under very short deadlines. I usually do my best work solo when I have the most creative freedom, although I still work very well in a team . I would like to one day start my own graphic design firm, establish a clothing brand and after that maybe move on to architecture and interior design as designing the spaces we live in is very interesting to me. 

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WordPress hyperlinks point to the wrong site level

Stock photo of computer code on a screen illustrating the problem of WordPress hyperlinks pointing to the wrong site level
Stock photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

Do you find yourself saying this after migrating your WordPress site: “After uploading my site from MAMP, where it worked fine, my WordPress hyperlinks point to the wrong site level”?

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Austina Sun – An Illustrator

Image taken at John Abbott College by Karim Jamous

How it Started

From day one, I always thought that going into the sciences was the only way to go to achieve something big in the future. Although it may open many doors for higher education, it isn’t the only path that could lead me to something bigger. 

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Jordan Schöneberg – Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Image of Jordan Schöneberg
Jordan Schöneberg: Illustrator and Graphic Designer

In my design process, I usually have a bunch of ideas in my head that I want to try out. I will then work on the ideas to see which I like better. I always have a big picture idea in my head, and I will add small details as I go instead of starting with the smaller details. As a designer, I’m able to give recommendations and ways to improve a client’s request in order to make it the best it can be.

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Michael Lombart – Graphic Artist & Web Designer

Photograph of Michael Lombart

Your Vision, My Creation.

About Me

Hello, my name is Michael, and I am a Graphic and Web designer. I’ve always loved the complexities of design as well as the science behind specific design choices that control the influence that the end product conveys.

I work quickly, I am a fast learner and I’m always opened to learning new things to add to my repertoire.

My specialties are logos, menus, brochures, posters. I love print as well as digital art, I believe those play into my strength. I’ve done graphic work for restaurants which is one of the main reasons I love print. 

Logos are my primary specialty; their importance puts a lot of pressure on any designer which forces us to think outside the box.

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Victor Daniel: Graphic & Web Designer

Hey, my name is Victor and I am a Graphic and Web Designer. Honestly It took me sometime to figure out what I want from life. Until my first semester at John Abbott in Graphic and Web Design. It felt like stepping out of a hot shower, I felt at home doing graphic design. Being a Graphic Designer is quite exciting, that title seems fitting. I found my passion and I am ready to make my mark and establish myself.

Working as a Graphic Designer gives me the lifetime opportunity to work with and for amazing people. Creativity and the freedom to express whatever it is the I feel or see and giving my clients their true voice.

Are you starting a new niche business? Well, if you want eye popping designs and clean branding, we’ll get along just wonderfully. I love what I do, and you are passionate about your business, I want to see my client being successful and grow as people and or company which is why I am the designer for you.

All your design needs I can fulfill to a tee making your wants and ideas into reality. I love a challenge, anything you want, bring it. I mostly pride myself for graphics, branding, print and logo making. There is something about coming up with concepts and giving it an identity that brings me sense of accomplishment.

To me it all comes down to being creative, thinking outside the box, experiencing life and finding the inspirations from everyday events. I don’t know where life will take me. I don’t know anything about what my future holds, all I know is that I found what makes me happy and what I am passionate about. I am always learning and trying out different things. All I know for sure is that I am on a journey, and I am loving it. So why not come with me?

If you want to get in contact:



How Did We Get Here? – nico

Picture of Nico for his blog post "How Did We Get Here?"
Picture of Nico for his blog post “How Did We Get Here?”

How did we get here?

There comes a time in a lot of graphic designer’s lives where they find themselves drowning in endless possibilities of
potential fields.

You may ask yourself “what is it that I’m good at?” For some, it can come very quick, while some have to really think this one out thoroughly. I, for one, am lucky to be able to say that this process came very naturally to me. Finding your niche is truly a process of self-discovery.

“What do I like? What am I best at designing? What can I have a liveable wage off of?”

At first, I had to dig deep into my likings and hobbies; Once I
started to explore this, it became very obvious all at once.
I have a passion for two very specific industries, two that have
captivated me for years.

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