Vanessa Mercure – Paint Brush into Computer Mouse

Who Am I?

My name is Vanessa Mercure. I am a third-year graphic and web design student studying at John Abbott College. Art is the greatest form of human expression. It is very difficult to pinpoint exactly what art is because it means something different to everyone. To me, art is about self-expression, letting people see your point of view through your artwork, exposing your vulnerable side as a result of your art, truly letting the world, see you.  I am a person that strives to complete the tasks at hand. I am an efficient, responsible, charismatic person who is very detail-oriented. 


Through my stage, I would like to experience the nuances of working in the web design field. 

My ultimate goal with stage is to gain experience in the web design industry.  I would love to work in the web design department of a company, helping to innovate the design and functionality of their website. I think that I will be an asset to the front-end design. During my time in the Graphic and Web Design program, I have learned to appreciate all the collaboration and insight that goes into the creation of a website. 

The Future

I plan on working in the web design field full-time. With the growth and knowledge of the web design industry, I intended on working for a company as a front-end web designer.  I believe that I will bring new perspectives to the traditional perceptions of web design. My ambitions are to work for a company, maintaining and building new innovations for their websites. There are many options available, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me. I think that my passion for painting can only help me in my pursuit to be a web designer.

Author: Vanessa Mercure

I am a graphic and web design student interested in web design, painting, and music.

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