Noah Elin-Smith – Graphic Designer

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As a graphic designer, I especially like creating visual identities and working on print media, such as magazines, packaging and posters or advertising. I also enjoy web design and coming up with unique website experiences. Web coding isn’t my strong suit, however I am often able to find creative solutions the difficulties I encounter and I am determined to improving my coding skills.

My strengths are being able to work under pressure and put forth great work under very short deadlines. I usually do my best work solo when I have the most creative freedom, although I still work very well in a team . I would like to one day start my own graphic design firm, establish a clothing brand and after that maybe move on to architecture and interior design as designing the spaces we live in is very interesting to me. 

I do not know who I want to work for yet, or where. I wouldn’t like to work from home, but given the pandemic, I don’t mind at the moment. I think it’s important to separate work from home life, which is much easier if you’re not working from home. At the same time I wouldn’t want to work in a stereotypical office environment, it’s harder to make good work in a boring place. I would like to provide services in logo and branding design, web design, typography layout and design, and wouldn’t mind working on advertising or marketing campaigns. In five years time I would see myself running a clothing brand as well as still doing graphic design.

Stage Objectives

For my stage, I would like to get a good grasp of how the graphic design industry works. While I have done freelance work, I would like to gain insight, knowledge and and good starting point to jump into the professional world.

I would also like to potentially land my first real job as a graphic designer. I say potentially, because ownership is very important to me, working for somebody else is not the end goal, it never has been and it never will be. While it is surely a necessary milestone on the way to starting my own business(es), I am not planning on being a long term asset, working 10 years or more at the same firm if it isn’t my own.  I have many plans and projects and I have confidence that my skills and knowledge will help me succeed. That being said, I still take great pride in my work’s quality, and reception. I will work extremely diligently no matter who I am working for or with and no matter the client. I put my heart into everything I do and I take extreme care in making sure the end result is to the best of my abilities and exceed’s the client’s expectations as much as possible.

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