Ben Woschitz – Aspiring Graphic Designer

Inspired by the likes of the legendary Saul Bass and Max Miedinger, I’m an upcoming and aspiring graphic and web designer looking to leave my mark on the world; just like those before me. 

Specializing more so in graphic design rather than web design, I offer multiple services. They may include but are not limited to, logo design, photo retouching, print, package design, illustration, and web design. Some even go a bit beyond just graphic and web design, such as photography, video editing, and recently self-taught–3D modeling. Utilizing programs such as Adobe’s Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, and After Effects, as well as Autodesk’s Fusion360, to name a few.

Following in the footsteps of my inspirations, I look to Max Miedinger’s work who utilizes a lot of creative typography in his work, which I excel at. Correcting, aligning, positioning, and creatively twisting in many different ways to get the desired results I want. Such as in my Jolly Java infographic where I resized and positioned certain words in a literal block of text to emphasize these specific words while making it fun to read.

Every form of media that contains a decent amount of typography, I specialize in. Such as print, package design, posters, magazine covers, brochures, menus, infographics, newsletters, manuals, and more. 

Being a very meticulous person, I have no issues going through all of the typography and making sure it looks perfect. When I’m not working on typography and instead focusing on design, I take inspiration from the aforementioned Saul Bass as well as many others, acquiring new ideas by looking at what others have done, what looks good and what doesn’t. I take some of these ideas and change them, molding them into what fits my current project. 

While I’m not perfect, I try my hardest to impress with my designs, trying to fix and improve every flaw I spot, and due to my meticulous nature, I try to make them as perfect as possible. Due to my more reserved, and shy nature, I’d much prefer working at a smaller company either by myself or with a team. I don’t have any personal preference in terms of where I work, but I am willing to experience new things!

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