Victor Daniel: Graphic & Web Designer

Hey, my name is Victor and I am a Graphic and Web Designer. Honestly It took me sometime to figure out what I want from life. Until my first semester at John Abbott in Graphic and Web Design. It felt like stepping out of a hot shower, I felt at home doing graphic design. Being a Graphic Designer is quite exciting, that title seems fitting. I found my passion and I am ready to make my mark and establish myself.

Working as a Graphic Designer gives me the lifetime opportunity to work with and for amazing people. Creativity and the freedom to express whatever it is the I feel or see and giving my clients their true voice.

Are you starting a new niche business? Well, if you want eye popping designs and clean branding, we’ll get along just wonderfully. I love what I do, and you are passionate about your business, I want to see my client being successful and grow as people and or company which is why I am the designer for you.

All your design needs I can fulfill to a tee making your wants and ideas into reality. I love a challenge, anything you want, bring it. I mostly pride myself for graphics, branding, print and logo making. There is something about coming up with concepts and giving it an identity that brings me sense of accomplishment.

To me it all comes down to being creative, thinking outside the box, experiencing life and finding the inspirations from everyday events. I don’t know where life will take me. I don’t know anything about what my future holds, all I know is that I found what makes me happy and what I am passionate about. I am always learning and trying out different things. All I know for sure is that I am on a journey, and I am loving it. So why not come with me?

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