Austina Sun – An Illustrator

Image taken at John Abbott College by Karim Jamous

How it Started

From day one, I always thought that going into the sciences was the only way to go to achieve something big in the future. Although it may open many doors for higher education, it isn’t the only path that could lead me to something bigger. 

All the posters, advertisements, packaging, and more that have surrounded us everywhere we go from a young age have always been the subject of my curiosity. In just a glance of the eye passing through the metro, it intrigued me how they use all sorts of colors to create a playful yet informative advertisement. I am currently studying Graphic and Web Design at John Abbott College. It is a three-year career program that will help me transition into the workplace with all the necessities that I need. This program has helped me realize my hopes to have the ability to create these projects of my own.


My goal for stage is to experience what a career would look like as a graphic designer. Working in a team environment would be a plus as it helps the imagination and creativity flow. This could help further my understanding of Photoshop. Whether it is a small business or a larger corporation, I could adapt myself to the environment. I am especially interested in graphic design and illustrating different types of advertisements.

An illustrated poster of the office made in Adobe Illustrator

The Future

After completing this program, I expand my horizons. I’d like to enroll in an animation program to further develop my basic knowledge of animation. My dream job is to work in the film industry in animation. The knowledge provided to me will help me in the long run, from understanding the importance of each element, such as colors or the typography choice for future projects to come.

Come check out my portfolio and connect with me on my LinkedIn.

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