Jordan Schöneberg – Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Image of Jordan Schöneberg
Jordan Schöneberg: Illustrator and Graphic Designer

In my design process, I usually have a bunch of ideas in my head that I want to try out. I will then work on the ideas to see which I like better. I always have a big picture idea in my head, and I will add small details as I go instead of starting with the smaller details. As a designer, I’m able to give recommendations and ways to improve a client’s request in order to make it the best it can be.

I specialize in illustration and poster/album design. Creating stuff for music and media, in general, is something I love because I know a lot about pop culture. I always know the current trends when it comes to music and fashion. When I’m listening to an album, I find myself looking at the cover and thinking about what I would change based on colours, typography, and overall design. Music gives me a lot of inspiration in my work. Once I’m inspired by something, the work becomes a lot easier for me. I tend to enjoy it more when I have a solid idea of what need/want to do.

My goal as a graphic designer is to make great art but to also please the clients I get. I want to make people happy with my art whether that be for the art itself, or my overall service. Being successful in poster/album design is where I see myself going because it’s something I already love doing. I am always coming up with my own ideas that I think best fit the project. My plan is to do mostly freelance work as I would like to work from home. I’m more comfortable in my own surroundings and will feel more inspired.


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