Aziza Abbasi – Who is She?

A white abstract drawing on a black background.
©Aziza Abbasi, 2018

My Goals

Hi there, my name is Aziza Abbasi and I am nineteen years old. I enjoy creating multiple works of art such as illustrated portraits, tattoo designs, general design patterns, digital/physical artwork and more. I savor abstract forms of art and exploring controversial topics and ideas. My goal in the near future is to integrate myself into a creative work atmosphere and build a secure work ethic. I am interested in art direction, illustration and print designs, to mention a few. I plan on working a part-time job during the summer. As well as dipping a bigger hand into freelancing by increasing my current client list in order to expand my resumé.

A partially drawn face, hands and arms.
©Aziza Abbasi, 2018
A full drawn head, hands, arms and legs.
©Aziza Abbasi, 2018
A full body drawing of a girl.
©Aziza Abbasi, 2018

My Skills

I joined the Graphic and Web Design Program at John Abbott College in order to combine my fondness of physical art with the unlimited options a digital platform could offer. I have since then learned how to draw perspective art, apply the golden rules of typography, take and edit high quality images, and create well-designed websites from scratch. I can work well using Adobe software programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and Animate. I believe that by taking all of the important skills I have acquired over the past three years, I can be a valuable asset to the future innovative team I will be working with during my stage period.

I very much look forward to meeting with you and getting to know you and your company as well.

Author: Aziza Abbasi

Illustrative Artist & Graphic Designer ©Aziza Abbasi 2019

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