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Going behind the scenes

My goal is to go into a university like Concordia in computer science. After taking the first 3 classes of computer science in our program this semester made me realize how little I actually understand about a website. Exploring the back end of a website will have several advantages. The biggest one is being able to use these skills to troubleshoot any back-end problems when designing a website. I’ll also be able to help both sides of the website project if necessary. I find that I am more of a technical type of person. Things like web designing, photography and video editing are things that appeal more to me in the design world. This is why I like to lean my career towards this side of the industry.

A passion that will remain

Something I would like to do on the side is photography and video production. I’m not planning on making this a professional career but if there’s a job opportunity available, I may consider taking it. I like to have a side goal that I can do whenever I finish the planned work of the day. This way I can keep my mind active and do something productive instead of wasting time.

Alternate Goal

The program that I initially wanted before being introduced to computer sciences is Film Production in Concordia. I have a background in filming and editing since the age of 12. Since then, I created slideshows for companies, made 2 short movies with my friends and I even did a semester of video production during my first year of Cegep. I wanted to pursue this as a career since I’m really fascinated by movies. Every time I watch a movie, I would evaluate the camera angles, the transitions, the sound, etc. I also watched many YouTube videos to learn how to make certain effects happen.

However, I found that I would much rather keep this as a passion for me to discover on my own rather than a career. I’ve seen many people online talking about how they start to see their passion differently when they transform it into work. When you start making your passion into work, you will treat it as work. You will lose the interest of doing the job for the passion. So far, this has not happened to me, but it is something I need to be careful about with the career I choose in the future.

Author: Samuel Chuang

Known as a person who likes working with technology and taking pictures whenever I go out. I like to keep my designs clean and simple but fun at the same time. Teamwork and communication are one of my strong points when it comes to group projects.

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