Using Lightroom to Edit Raw Files

girl taking photo with canon

Picture editing can be quite tedious, with so many things to worry about such as colour cast, or hyper exposure… So here are some tips!

First you take your pictures, preferably raw, since jpeg formats lack the elaborate detail involved in creating seamless edits. Then, you could choose to edit it in the popular app photoshop, or you could go with Lightroom. Lightroom is an adobe program specifically designed for photography.

Editing Software

Photoshop is a good app for layering edits. This means if you wanted to add special effects or delete parts of the picture from the background, it could be more useful. But Lightroom is great for managing clear and simple photography edits. You can add glows to make certain things pop, and it is great for managing your colour balance and histogram. Lightroom is also equipped with many crucial editing tools, like the blemish removal or the paintbrush.

Lightroom is also very simple to use. Once you open it, you can import multiple files you want to edit at the same time. After you’ve compiled them, you can make a catalog, therefore anytime you need to access your pictures they will be all together inside it. Once the catalog is set up and the files are imported, you can select a picture and click “develop” on the top right side. This is where the magic will begin! Another interesting thing you can do is select multiple pictures once you’ve edited one and synch the original edit to apply to all the selected pictures. This is a great time saver and the cherry on the cake to an awesome editing app!

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