Who is Natasha Witwicki? Social Media Branding & Marketing Designer

Product pictures taken by Natasha Witwicki
Examples of my own product pictures.
© Natasha Witwicki, 2018

Hi there! My name is Natasha Witwicki. You already knew this, but I’m a third year graphic design student studying at JAC. I’m always up to something creative, whether it be drawing (both traditional and digital), photography, photoshop, or one of many niche art forms such as resin decoden. I love trying new creative things, seeing my aesthetic pop in whatever I decide to do. 

My Experience

I have LOTS of experience in social media branding and marketing, as well as e-commerce. You wouldn’t know unless I told you since I’m a very shy, reserved person… but I have a small business that I’ve grown online with over 1 million followers.

In late 2016 I discovered this trend on instagram that really intrugued me. There was this whole community revolving around “slime”. Slime is a “fidget toy” primarily used for stress relief. You can make it fluffy, thick, crunchy, glossy, jiggly; pretty much any texture you want. The thing that makes homemade slimes so special is the creativity put into them. You can find slimes to purchase online inspired by the “rainbow bagel” trend, aromatherapy, slimes meant to look like a pumpkin spice frappucino (and smell like it too!), and even fresh bread-scented slimes. I’ve had a wealth of entrepreneurial experience in this field since I am my only employee. I have to make all the products myself, take product pictures, promote my products on instagram, handle customer service, fulfill and ship orders, manage my business’ finances, etc. 

My Plans

I have put so much work into this brand, and I hope to really expand it within the next year; but that’s not the only thing on my goals list. I hope to use my experience and skills to help other businesses and companies with their social media presence.

Author: Natasha Witwicki

I am an entrepreneur and designer who is always looking for the newest creative trend to jump onto. I have firsthand experience with brand creation/design, social media marketing and customer service.

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