Arnaud Saludo: The Right Man for the Job

A little bit about me

©Arnaud Juliene Saludo

As a recent graduate of the Graphic and Web Design Program at John Abbott College, the number one thing on my mind is to be better.  By already having a great foundation in the the GWD program I aspire to further better my skills as a graphic designer. I strongly believe that there is no limit when it comes to improving our skills and ourselves as well. As long as a human being is willing to put in the work and sacrifice, the height of achievable success is limitless.


Hopefully, it will come true

My dream stage/job is a place where people are understanding end encourages each other to be a better version of themselves. I love and enjoy working with reasonable people that understand that they are either rewards or consequences to our actions. Most of all, I would love to work for a place where I would acquire the most knowledge the most about our industry. Gaining knowledge is one of my top priorities because it will make me better and therefore benefit the company as well.

The Right Fit

Through the years I’ve learned how to cooperate and collaborate with people.  I keep in mind what the people around me like and dislike apply it when interacting and communicating with . Also, I am not afraid to voice my ideas and opinions at proper times. I also know when to back down and let it go. With all that being said, I find myself fitting in with any group of people as long they know my boundaries as well. I would love to be a graphic designer for your company and would be always grateful for getting hired and getting the opportunity to prove myself.


My plan is to go to university to get my bachelor’s degree in Design. And work in the field as a graphic designer. With this I will be doubling the knowledge that I acquire which is going to make me a great asset to any company out there. 

How to Add A Layer Mask in Photoshop

Image with some layer masks
©Arnaud Saludo 2019

This is a tutorial on how to add a layer mask in Adobe Photoshop.

A layer mask is a reversible way to hide part of a layer. This permits us to have more options when editing than permanently erasing or deleting a part of a layer. Layer masks are useful when making image composites, cutting out objets for use in other documents. Black white or gray are the colors that we can add to a layer mask. A way to do this is by painting the layer mask. If you paint it black it will conceal and if you paint it white it will reveal. And gray partially hides the layer that contains the mask.

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